A Blue Bloods Veteran Is Now Joining DC's Superman And Lois In A Recast Arrow-Verse Role

Superman & Lois Clark Kent Tyler Hoechlin Lois Lane Bitsie Tulloch The CW
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Dylan Walsh in Blue Bloods 2020 on CBS now heading to The CW

Fans who did not get enough of Superman in the Arrow-verse’s latest crossover will be getting even more. Last year, The CW announced the Superman & Lois spinoff series! There have been some considerable developments in the upcoming show since it was greenlighted at the network. Now, the series has added Blue Bloods and Nip/Tuck Alum Dylan Walsh in a role already made famous in the Arrow-verse.

When Superman & Lois premieres, Lois’ father General Lane, he will look a bit different. Previously played by Friday Night Lights’ Glenn Morshower on the Arrow-verse’s Supergirl, General Samuel Lane will now be played by the Blue Bloods alum on Superman & Lois. According to Deadline, Lois’ “workaholic” father is described as “no-nonsense” and “determined” to keep the world over safe from any and all threats. Some things never change, though!

In fact, it kind of sounds like the character will be similar to how he was on Smallville! When the father of your grandchildren is Superman, do you not have a head start on these matters? Yes, I said grandchildren. Casting calls for Superman & Lois previously indicated that the title couple would be raising more than one child.

Then came the news that the Arrow-verse spinoff had cast Superman and Lois’ sons, widely speculated to be twins. Kids -- prepare to meet grandpa! Dylan Walsh will apparently be featured in series regular capacity, which indicates that he should have quite a prominent presence on Superman & Lois. It sounds like a cause for more celebration for sure.

Superman & Lois Clark Kent Tyler Hoechlin Lois Lane Bitsie Tulloch The CW

(Image credit: The CW)

Dylan Walsh played Dr. Sean McNamara on the FX series Nip/Tuck and has remained active since the show ended back in 2010. He is currently recurring on CBS’ Blue Bloods as the Mayor of New York. Time will tell how Walsh’s role on the police procedural will be impacted in light of him joining the Arrow-verse spinoff.

Having General Lane front and center on Superman & Lois should help fans take a deeper diver into Lois’ dad. In my opinion, Dylan Walsh is a pretty fantastic casting choice for the role. Walsh has a keen ability to play hard-edged characters well. Fans will just have to wait to see his take on the character.

Some fans can probably remember when Michael Ironside played General Lane on Smallville, and his debut was a pretty eventful to say the least. Hopefully, Lois’ father will be a source of comfort for his daughter and her family, instead of being any sort of hindrance. After all, Lois has enough on her plate, as she's raising children with Superman. Fans will have plenty of time to speculate on what Lane's role will be.

In the meantime, the Arrow-verse will be returning with new episodes this month. Supergirl, which is the show that Tyler Hoechlin began his run as Superman on, will be back on April 26. Meanwhile, The CW’s drama slate, including The Flash, is facing the potential of returning later than usual this fall. Stay tuned to learn when Superman & Lois will be flying onto your screens.

You can currently watch episodes from the Arrow-verse (including Arrow) on Netflix, along with newly arriving 2020 content. A premiere date has not gotten set for Superman & Lois yet, so stay tuned. It should bow well after this spring’s premieres.

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