Apparently, Survivor: Winners At War Also Let Sandra See Her Family

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Survivor: Winners At War. Read at your own risk!

Survivor: Winners At War has aired its family episode, and as has been the case with many events this season, it didn't play out in the typical way. In a normal season, a competition would be held to determine which contestants would get additional face time with their loved ones after seeing them, but Jeff Probst had a surprise. There would be no competition, and even the contestants on the Edge of Extinction got a visit from friends and family.

And yes, it looks like literally every contestant got to see someone. Sandra Diaz-Twine replied to a snarky fan on Twitter, and alleged that, despite her self-removal from the game, she too got to see her loved ones.

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The moment wasn't shown on Survivor: Winners At War, so it's not entirely clear if this is Sandra Diaz-Twine throwing shade or an event that actually happened. Personally, I could believe that it happened, if only because CBS had already sprung for the rest of the families of everyone else. Leaving its two-time winner out of the mix merely because she dropped from the competition early would be kind of cruel, and potentially anger an important figure in Survivor history.

For those unaware, Sandra Diaz-Twine is currently the only player not presently a part of the episodes of Survivor: Winners At War. Sandra had a shot at re-entering the game once she arrived at the Edge of Extinction, but soon "raised the white flag" to disqualify herself from the game. Sandra explained to contestants she knew she had a low probability of returning to the game due to being a poor competition player, and didn't feel like suffering on the Edge of Extinction just to be eventually eliminated anyway.

The decision ensured Sandra was allowed to live in comfort the past couple weeks of Survivor: Winners At War, but also came at a cost. Sandra will not be a part of the Season 40 jury, which will cast their vote to determine the $2 million winner. Apparently though, the Survivor team didn't entirely exclude Sandra from all festivities, which must show they aren't bitter about losing the two-time winner the minute she was first eliminated.

Which isn't all that surprising. Survivor: Winners At War has been pretty entertaining. Jeff Probst believes it has been the best season yet, and it's hard to argue considering all the crazy things that have transpired so far. It'll no doubt give Season 41 (which is postponed) a lot to live up to, and have fans begging for another all-star season sooner than later.

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