Shameless' Emmy Rossum Is All Charm And Cleavage In First Trailer For New Show Angelyne

emmy rossum angelyne trailer

For all the Shameless fans who watched the entirety of Season 10 (which concluded in January) without being able to avoid thinking about Emmy Rossum's absence, there's finally something to celebrate. NBCUniversal's upcoming streaming service Peacock released the first trailer for Rossum's first big Shameless follow-up, which is a dramatized look at the life of famed L.A. socialite and entertainer Angelyne. What isn't so dramatized, however, are Rossum's persuasive skills while rocking Angelyne's signature deep cleavage and pink outfits.

Co-starring Breeders and Black Panther vet Martin Freeman and Rocketman's Charlie Rowe, among others, Angelyne is a miniseries that looks like it'll lean lovingly hard into the real-life escapades of the endlessly confident billboard icon. Check out the trailer below!

Where to start, where to start? Well, for those who are unaware of what any of this is even about, Angelyne originally went by the name Ronia Tamar Goldberg, but after arriving in Los Angeles in her early 30s, she became known to millions just by her single pseudonym. As depicted in the trailer by Emmy Rossum's aw-shucks suggestion, Angelyne's rise to fame happened via billboards that were posted around L.A. basically just showing off Angelyne's figure. That's really all it takes sometimes...or all the time.

One can easily imagine how many people at the time were quite shocked to see such a curvy display so high up and available for everyone's peepers. Lots of people making this move, no doubt, only with far less cool sunglasses.

emmy rossum angelyne

With those big lovely eyes leading the way, Emmy Rossum is presumably going to cover many of the highlight moments during Angelyne's time in the limelight. Her entertainment career technically started in the late 1970s with her burgeoning music career that was heavily promoted by posters and flyers, which preceded her shift to billboards. The first one went up in February 1984, and before long, both her music and acting career had seen a boost that kept chugging along for years.

The trailer doesn't show a whole lot of what viewers can expect to see from Emmy Rossum, at least beyond heavy makeup and other pink things. Even in that short amount of time, though, Rossum does a great job of displaying why Angelyne was worth the attention. I definitely hope Angelyne delivers some stellar music sequences that ooze uncynical '80s magic.

For anyone who thinks that there isn't something to get excited about with Emmy Rossum's Angelyne, you can high-kick those opinions to the curb.

Created by former Six Feet Under and True Blood writer/Producer Nancy Oliver, Angelyne will make its debut on Peacock at a currently undisclosed date. Peacock is still set to make its long-awaited debut in May, where customers will be able to stream former NBC hits such as Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock. However, the service may end up debuting its original shows such as the Saved by the Bell revival later than originally intended. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on that and other TV news as we head deeper into TV finale season.

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