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Steve Harvey Has A Mustache Look-Alike And I Can't Look Away

Steve Harvey excited on Family Feud. Good look at his mustache.

Few people can pull off a mustache as epic as Steve Harvey’s and even fewer ‘staches are both stately and famous. However, Steve Harvey may have met his match, at least on the epic front, during a recent episode of Family Feud. In fact, he’s got a mustache doppelgänger.

After crushing the face-off round to kick off the game in Family Feud, newcomer contestant Paul got some one-on-one time with Steve Harvey, who was not immune to the fact that the dude has a very similar look. In fact, he immediately brought the fact up and it's a pretty classic bit from the game show host.

It’s worth pointing out that Paul, a member of the Anthony family, is a little shorter than Steve Harvey and also doesn’t have that polished Hollywood glow about him, but otherwise they could totally be related. Steve Harvey even jokes that Paul could be his Uncle.

This doesn’t really seem to phase Paul, who works in a restaurant in Vegas and told Steve Harvey that people tell him all the time he’s got Harvey’s look and famous ‘stache. He said:

The fascinating thing is, at least three times a night somebody tells me I look like a famous, handsome celebrity.

Steve Harvey seemed non-plussed by the compliment, but seriously, I can’t look away. They really do look related, although Paul doesn’t look enough like Steve Harvey that people are likely mistaking him for the Family Feud host on the regular.

Steve Harvey lookalike on Family Feud 2020

Honestly, to me this would be the best way to be a celebrity look-a-like. If you are someone like Nathan Mead, who lives in the U.K. but is a dead ringer to Brad Pitt, people are constantly asking him for autographs and mistaking him for the actor. That’s like dealing with some of the crap of being famous without getting any of the material perks.

If you are sort of a look-alike, I’m sure it’s an ice breaker at parties. While it may occasionally get irritating to hear the same comment 3 or more times a day, things could really be worse. (Worse like that time Steve Harvey got rid of his mustache, amiright?) Although I will say that I suppose things could always be worse than being as handsome –but younger—than Brad Pitt as well.

Now, just don’t get me started on celebrities who look like other celebrities.

Family Feud currently airs in syndication and the longtime TV host also will be executive producing a TV project based on his popular Think Like A Man book coming up. For more on when episodes air, be sure to check your local listings or see what else is coming up with our winter schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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