Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck Promises An Emotional Season 10 Finale

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Season 10 of Blue Bloods has been another banner year for the family / police drama, and while fans have already been treated to a great season of trials and triumphs for the Reagan family, the finale is promising to be a doozy. Luckily, unlike many other shows this year, production was able to complete the intended Season 10 finale, so audiences who've been eager to see how things will wrap up for the New York family will get the ending that's been planned all along. Now, star Tom Selleck has revealed that when fans feast their eyes on tonight's finale, it's going to be quite emotional for them.

The season finale of Blue Bloods is promising to deliver the drama for all of the main characters, with Erin, Danny, newlyweds Jamie and Eddie and dad Frank all having to confront some major issues or make big decisions before we leave them. According to what Tom Selleck told TV Insider, though, fans should expect to be hit with some intense feelings during the episode that will have a lot to do with the history of the show and its very devoted central characters.

I don’t expect a dry eye in the house. I got emotional when I saw a cut of it; so did my wife, who’s seen a working copy of the episode. The impact on everybody is just hugely significant. I think it’s important. Frank’s arcs usually involve a dilemma, but in this case, it’s not just his job. It’s personal and goes to the heart of what Frank has always carried inside of him. The audience really knows our characters, and the story unfolds beautifully.

Oh my goodness, you guys. I love it when a personal dilemma wraps up a season! So, what could this "deeply personal" issue (which is almost guaranteed to make us cry if Tom Selleck got emotional watching it) even be? Well, we know from the episode synopsis that the mother of a cop will go to Frank and personally ask him to make sure her son is transferred to a safer assignment. Selleck also confirmed that part of the plot will involve someone trying to get a favor from Frank, because they knew his late son, Joe, who was murdered a little over a year before the start of the series.

OK, I'll admit that I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, and have been known to (sometimes) put random pieces of info together in odd ways. But, what if the woman who wants her kid to have a less dangerous assignment and the person who knew Joe are one and the same in the Blue Bloods finale? What if (stay with me here), this woman wants her son safe and will use the fact that Joe is her son's father to try to convince Frank to remove him from the line of fire? I know! I mean, this episode is titled "Family Secrets," so that can't be for nothing.

The family secret could involve a beloved sourdough recipe that's been handed down for generations, but my bet is on some secret fatherhood. How much money do you think I'll win if I get this right? What do you mean, none? Alright...fine! Bragging rights it is!

Tom Selleck went further during his interview, saying that whatever will come from this story for Frank will actually have "an enormous impact" for our favorite family. He also thinks that it's the kind of story that could build buzz for Blue Bloods in the long run:

It’s certainly massively emotional for Frank. That’s the germination of it, but by sharing it with the family, the impact is huge. If we have a Blue Bloods with genuine surprises that don’t make the audience feel ripped off, but that rewards emotionally, our audience will watch it of course. But in my opinion, it will create word of mouth and build our audience. I can’t imagine a better season finale.

OK, folks, got to get the day almost over with so we can watch this Blue Bloods Season 10 finale already, amirite? Be sure to tune in tonight on CBS, at 10 p.m. EST. For more on what to watch in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our 2020 summer TV schedule!

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