Blue Bloods' Donnie Wahlberg Keeps A Surprising Celebrity Photo On His Desk Every Season

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Donnie Wahlberg has been starring as Danny Reagan for ten seasons on Blue Bloods. After all this time, he still has some surprises for fans of the CBS crime procedural. It turns out that Wahlberg keeps a surprising celebrity photo on his desk every season. Or, at least, for the past nine seasons, based on the information Wahlberg posted with his video.

Blue Bloods has been on the air for ten seasons, and Donnie Wahlberg has revealed that a celebrity's photo has been a part of it! When did this tradition start? It is not entirely clear. Regardless of when it began, there is a celebrity that Wahlberg keeps near and dear to him on Danny’s desk. Do you think you know who it is? Find out below:

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Yes, that is a picture of 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan. He is not pictured as his character from the comedy, though. The photo that Donnie Wahlberg has is of Morgan in the 2010 buddy cop movie, Cop Out. In it, Morgan played NYPD Detective Paul Hodges. You know who also plays a detective with the NYPD? Donnie Wahlberg for his character on Blue Bloods!

That seems to be the main connection between the photo of Tracy Morgan in Cop Out and Donnie Wahlberg. I double-checked, and Wahlberg did not have a role in the movie, which would have been a potential link. Whatever brought Morgan’s photo to his desk, there is one thing that Wahlberg is not entirely sure of when it comes to the picture and his Blue Bloods character.

In the caption for his Instagram video, Donnie Wahlberg says that he is not sure if Danny Reagan loves it as much as he does. Let the competition begin! In the video, Wahlberg says there are a lot of TV cops. However, he wants to know how many others have an 8x10 picture of Tracy Morgan on their desk. Survey says: probably none!

It sounds like yet another reason for Donnie Wahlberg to get to do that CBS crossover he is interested in. If Wahlberg got to cross paths with NCIS: LA or Hawaii Five-0, he would be able to compare desks with his fellow TV cops. Maybe they also keep a picture of Tracy Morgan on theirs!

Tracy Morgan’s picture probably gets to see more of Donnie Wahlberg than one of his co-stars. Fellow Blue Bloods star, Abigail Hawk, revealed that she always gets asked about working with Wahlberg, but never sees him. It is just one of the many behind-the-scenes things that Blue Bloods fans have recently learned.

The truth about filming those family dinners is another recent reveal. Now comes this news about Tracy Morgan's picture being on Danny’s desk! I wonder why Donnie Wahlberg does not have the picture of Morgan framed. It would be the natural next step. That said, it is impressive that Wahlberg has kept the photo in such fantastic shape for nine seasons.

The photo cannot be less than ten years old! Remember, Cop Out came out nearly a decade ago in 2010. The same year that Blue Bloods debuted on CBS. Another connection? It seems to be!

New episodes of Blue Bloods air Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The crime drama’s tenth season is one of the many shows airing fresh this winter.

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