Man With A Plan Star Shares Positive Reaction To CBS Cancellation

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I imagine that it's never fun for someone who's been enjoying having a long-term gig on a television show to get word that their main source of employment has gone away. Even though actors, writers and the many other creatives who work in TV know that cancellation can come at pretty much any time, it likely still stings to hear that a particular job has ended. Luckily, Liza Snyder, who starred on CBS' Man With a Plan with Matt LeBlanc, has been able to share a positive message with fans on social media in light of the show's recent cancellation.

Liza Snyder has portrayed Matt LeBlanc's wife for four seasons on Man With a Plan, but it was just yesterday that it was announced that the family sitcom was being cancelled, along with three other shows. Man With a Plan's several seasons on the air meant that it was the most senior of that cancellation crop, with the other series (Edie Falco's Tommy, Pauley Perrette starrer Broke, and Patricia Heaton's medical comedy Carol's Second Act) all being in their first season.

While Snyder is, obviously, disappointed that Man With a Plan won't be there for her and the rest of the cast and crew when production can resume, she did take to Instagram to spread some lovely thoughts around to her followers.

Man With a Plan was just canceled. I joined Instagram when I got this job. All I'd heard about social media was how mean people could be. I'm grateful to say that has not been my experience. Thank you all for being so kind and supportive of our little show. To the cast and crew...hard to find words. My heart is broken knowing we won't be together anymore. Man did we have fun! You will always be my family. I love you and will miss seeing your lovely faces every day. Please stay healthy and safe. All my love, Liza

Awww! I can't lie, you guys. Liza Snyder isn't even really talking to me here, but her sweet message got me choked up. What can I say? Times are stressful right now and nice things are sometimes hard to come by, but Snyder's words to her fans and the cast and crew of Man With a Plan certainly fit in the "nice things" category.

It's understandable that Liza Snyder would have held off on having some social media presence until she got the job on Man With a Plan. As we all know very well by now, what she had heard about social media was not wrong. And, in fact, it still isn't wrong. People can be vicious online when they decide to speak out against something they don't like, even when it's just about a TV show. So, it's very good to hear that Snyder didn't have any real negativity come her way when she signed up for Instagram to help connect with fans of the comedy.

Man With a Plan might be cancelled, but at least Liza Snyder has already been able to put a positive spin on her experience with the show and its fans, which should help her to cope with the loss. You can revisit, or catch up on, Man With a Plan on CBS All Access. To see what else you can watch in the coming weeks, check out our 2020 Netflix guide, see what's new to Hulu in May and consider your options for summer TV!

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