7 Disney Characters Who Deserve Their Own Disney+ TV Show

Amy Adams in Enchanted

Reboots, remakes, and spin-offs have been all the rage for quite awhile. While some spin-off series or reboots may cause a sense of dread for diehard fans of the original material, the same isn’t felt with Disney properties. it’s a little less daunting, especially when these spin-offs allow under-appreciated or forgotten Disney characters the opportunity to shine. Disney+ already has a few series in the works that expand upon your favorite Disney universes.

No, I'm not talking about all those great Marvel shows soon-to-be released. Instead, I’m talking about the upcoming mini-series to feature Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston (Luke Evans) and LeFou (Josh Gad), and the Aladdin spin-off movie about Prince Anders (Billy Magnussen). Though I like all the on-screen talent involved in these spin-off projects, I’m not necessarily excited to see Gaston and LeFou again, and Prince Anders isn’t a character that excites me enough to watch a full movie about him. However, I love the idea of Disney+ creating spin-off shows of more Disney characters, and there are plenty to choose.

Disney is full of characters just waiting in the wings for their time to take center stage.

Cartoon Giselle in Enchanted


Enchanted is a great Disney movie, and Giselle is a princess worthy of her own animated series. Disney already has a blueprint for how to lay out the series with the opening movie cartoon. All Disney needs to do is get Amy Adams to agree to do voice-over work for the series, or to hire someone who sounds like Amy Adams, and then they can start working on the adventures of Giselle’s before she enters the real world and New York.

We could see her singing around the forest, making animal friends, having adventures, more of the origin of her beef with Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) and more of her romance with Prince Edward (James Marsden). If the Enchanted sequel ever comes out, the series could act as a companion piece to help get fans more excited for the movie, and give a little more backstory for Giselle and her animated world.

Hercules' the Muses

The Muses

The Muses are the narrators of Hercules’ story, and I think that’s where they work best. The Muses are kind of the scene stealers in Hercules, and it would be fun to hear them narrate and put their own spin on different stories. In my version of a Muses spin-off series, they act as narrators for other mythology stories.

Each episode could be a different Disney spin on Greek mythology narrated and sung by the muses. Most of Greek mythology isn’t really family friendly, but this is Disney, they can take the basic concept of the character and story, and just Disneyfy it for a younger audience. I don’t think anyone watches Disney movies or shows for historical accuracy. A loose adaptation of some of the stories might work nicely.

Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother

Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother

Cinderella would be nothing without her Fairy Godmother. She would be just a sweet girl stuck in a bad situation, but because of her Fairy Godmother, she gained riches and a hot prince. The Fairy Godmother is the true MVP of Cinderella. Disney+ already has a Fairy Godmother movie in the works called Godmothered.

It takes place in a parallel universe and follows Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother helping a single mom find happiness. This movie sounds great, but I still want a spin-off series that is either basically the same concept as this new movie-- the godmother helping different people finally get their heart’s desire--or a show about a young Fairy Godmother before she became Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. I like to see a story about her training to become a Fairy Godmother, and all the mishaps and misadventures that brings.

Dick Van Dyke, Julia Andrews, Karen Dotrice, and Matthew Garber in Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is an iconic character made famous by Julie Andrews, and reimagined by Emily Blunt. Both women did excellent jobs putting their own spin on their versions of Mary Poppins. I would love to continue to explore the world of Mary Poppins and her friends with an animated series. There is a whole book series for the writers of the Mary Poppins TV show to explore and reference.

The series could be geared towards young children, and each episode could involve them learning a moral lesson while going on an adventure with Mary, Burt, Jack and some children. It could continue to follow the Banks children, or include new sets of families in need of some Mary Poppins magic.

Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

Bo Peep

Bo Peep made her return to the Toy Story world in Toy Story 4. We met a completely different Bo Peep in this film than the one we knew from Toy Story 1 and 2. She had a harder edge, and seen and done a lot more than Woody and the other toys could imagine. Bo Peep is the Toy Story character that has gone through the biggest transformation, and I would like to see a show that shows how Bo Peep from the first film became Bo Peep in the last film.

The series could follow her adventures from when she got sold to before she reunited with Woody. We could meet some new toys, and see how she formed friendships with some of the other toys featured in Toy Story 4.

Shock, Lock, and Barrel in A Nightmare Before Christmas

Lock, Shock, and Barrel

The devious trick-or-treaters from Halloweentown could bring more mischief in their own The Nightmare Before Christmas spin-off cartoon. It would be fun to see these three characters interact with other Halloweentown (or other Holiday towns) by bringing mayhem and danger. The series could expand the Nightmare Before Christmas world and feature favorites like Jack Skellington and Sally, while also introducing new characters and worlds.

It would take about 4 years an episode if this Lock, Shock, and Barrel series was shot in stop motion or claymation, so it would have to be a fully animated series to work, and not take a hundred years per episode--though it would be worth the wait.

Sebastian from The Little Mermaid


Sebastian has appeared in many Little Mermaid related films, but he’s never had his own straight-to-video film. It’s time Sebastian becomes the lead voice of a show. Sebastian is a character that could stand on his own, and be just as interesting as Ariel, if not more. I would like to see a Sebastian series that focuses on him having his own adventures without Ariel, her daughter, or Eric.

It could possibly involve other mermaids, but Sebastian would be the main focus as he deals with his own adventures. Flounder and Scuttle should also appear in it, kind of like Finding Nemo, but more singing and sensible crabs.

Disney+ has the money and resources to create whatever they want, and to make it really good, I hope that we start seeing more series featuring our favorite Disney characters, and showcasing them in new and inventive ways.

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