Check Out The Awesome Mandalorian Reference From Community's Reunion Video With Pedro Pascal

The Mandalorian (2019)

Community has amassed quite a following since it ended its run back in 2015, with the former NBC comedy finding new life on Netflix. One of the show’s many fans appears to be none other than The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal, who recently joined the cast for a virtual table read. And while Pascal was playing a different kind of role, one member of the Community crew couldn’t help but reference his galactic bounty hunter.

The Community table read, which aimed to help raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts, reunited almost all of the original cast, who read the fifth season episode “Cooperative Polygraphy.” Pedro Pascal played Mr. Stone, a role originated by Walton Goggins, who was unable to take part in the special event. Pascal went all in on the role, but Community creator Dan Harmon managed to slip in a nod to The Mandalorian after one of Pascal’s readings:

That’s not a bad way to pay homage to Star Wars’ Din Djarin if I do say so myself. Not only was it nice and subtle, but you can tell Dan Harmon was waiting for the perfect moment to throw it in. The icing on the cake is Ken Jeong’s quick chuckle, which is probably what most viewers did while watching.

Pedro Pascal seemed to have had an enjoyable time working with the cast of Community. He ended up doing the role of the eccentric and emotionless Mr. Stone justice. However, he did have a problem with breaking character, especially when he had to say the word “sperm.” Though he didn’t break when Harmon threw in that Mandalorian tidbit.

Although it’s only a small reference, this Easter egg is a testament to just how much of a pop culture phenomenon The Mandalorian has become. Star Wars, in and of itself, is big enough, but the Disney+ series has expanded upon it by introducing fresh elements that fans have connected with. And yes, this includes the immensely popular Baby Yoda, who has received various pieces of merchandise, including a breakfast cereal.

Disney and Lucasfilm are doing everything they can to further satisfy The Mandalorian’s fandom. One of the ways in which they’ve done this is by released Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian on Disney+. The docuseries explores the making of the show’s first season and features much of the cast and crew reflecting on their experiences.

Community fans may not have expected to hear a Mandalorian reference during the virtual table read, but they probably shouldn’t have been shocked when it happened. With the show steadily carving out a place for itself in the cultural ether, one can expect it to get referenced in other media just as often as the Star Wars films.

If you’ve yet to check out The Mandalorian, you can stream the first season on Disney+.

Erik Swann
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