Following Backlash, John Krasinski Blames Jack Ryan For Selling Some Good News

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John Krasinski is a remarkably busy man, who, along with being ultra-famous for his role on The Office, actively stars in Amazon’s Jack Ryan, and directs and stars in movies. You can imagine with this off-the-wall schedule something had to give. Following some backlash, Krasinski is blaming Jack Ryan for selling Some Good News.

In case you missed it, John Krasinski wanted to spread some positive news for fans. So, he started his own YouTube show entitled Some Good News. The Jack Ryan star’s hit-making abilities quickly catapulted it into a huge success.

John Krasinski made more headlines for selling Some Good News. Krasinski sold the YouTube show to CBS All Access for more episodes minus a significant component. Jack Ryan’s lead will not be hosting the show as he had done on YouTube.

In light of the backlash against him selling Some Good News, John Krasinski went on his friend and co-star from The Office’s show to respond. That would be Rainn Wilson’s Hey There, Human. On the show, Krasinski clarified his original game plan for his newly-sold YouTube series and the choice to sell it:

I was only planning on doing eight (episodes) during quarantine. I have these other things that I'm going to be having to do very soon, like Jack Ryan. More than that, writing, directing and producing – all those things – with a couple of my friends was so much.

The work of a YouTube craftsman is never done. Nor is the work of a television/movie star/writer/director. In some exciting side news, John Krasinski indicated that activity on the much-anticipated third season of Jack Ryan is about to get buzzing. The hit show is heading back for Season 3 with some behind-the-scenes changes in store.

All of this left John Krasinski with no real time to dedicate to Some Good News. Krasinski explained to Rainn Wilson that he had initially planned to only do eight episodes before it spawned into more. What is a guy to do? Instead of leaving fans wanting more, Krasinski has sold the show, so it can continue delivering those feel-good headlines.

The silver lining in all of this is that Some Good News will still be around. It will just be in different hands now. Speaking of, elsewhere in his interview with Rainn Wilson, Krasinski called working on Some Good News the “most emotionally fulfilled” he had ever been in his “entire” life.

In related news, John Krasinski said he could keep doing the show forever. Although considering all of his prior commitments, such as Jack Ryan, he knew that would not be “sustainable.” The good news is that Krasinski realizing that means Some Good News will continue without him.

You can now watch John Krasinski in the first two seasons of Jack Ryan (and The Quiet Place) via Amazon Prime Video. While you wait for the third season of it to premiere, you can check out this summer’s premieres.

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