Jeopardy's Alex Trebek Is Apparently Pumped To Get Back To Work

Jeopardy! Alex Trebek
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When television productions shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic, primetime was not the only schedule impacted. Jeopardy! was among those forced to suspend production, which means that time has been running out for fans of the quiz show to get stumped by new questions. As you would expect, Alex Trebek is pumped to get back to work and ask those new questions.

The last new episode recorded pre-shut down is set to air on Friday, June 12. Afterward, it will be a case of “time for another re-run!” for Jeopardy! fans, with some previous episodes already available to stream on Netflix, alongside new 2020 content. Of course, there is nothing like a new episode to look forward to, and Alex Trebek is right there with you.

As is the case with many shows, it is unclear when Jeopardy! will be back up and running. Delays on filming are everywhere, including NBC’s mega-popular drama, This Is Us, and beyond. Punctuating fans’ concerns for Jeopardy!’s hiatus is Alex Trebek’s health. He is still fighting a Stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Amid those concerns, a rep for Jeopardy! told TVLine:

Alex is looking forward to resuming production as soon as we are able to do so. He’s told us he wants to be one of the first shows back in production.

There you have it. Alex Trebek is determined to return when Jeopardy! is ready to get started. In fact, Trebek is hoping that the beloved quiz show is one of the first to enter back into the production fray. Despite the time off, the much-loved host has remained busy. Trebek’s memoir about his life and Jeopardy! tenure is coming out in July.

As for when Jeopardy! will start quizzing people again, it is unclear. Jeopardy! was among those to attempt getting rid of studio audiences before ultimately calling it quits for an extended period. Not too long before that precautionary measure was taken, Alex Trebek had shared a poignant update on his cancer diagnosis.

At the time, Alex Trebek explained that the one-year survival rate for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer is 18%. So, Trebek has survived incredible odds to still be alive, let alone hosting Jeopardy! and wanting to return to do so post-break. Our current health crisis is especially dangerous for those with lowered immune systems, so Trebek returning before things are safer would not be prudent.

Jeopardy! will be back at some point, and it sounds as though Alex Trebek has every confidence that he will be back to hosting the long-running show when it is. Who else could help relate the football category for those unfamiliar with it? Exactly. Trebek’s iconic hosting of the quiz show has been crucial to its continued success.

The world will be waiting and ready for Alex Trebek and his show to return with its considerately chosen clues. The last new episode of Jeopardy! airs tomorrow, Friday, June 12. Check your local listings for more info. After the quiz show wraps up, you can check out this summer’s premieres.

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