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Fuller House's Jodie Sweetin Shared What She Really Thought Of Kimmy's Parents

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for both Fuller House's Season 5 and Celebrity Watch Party's June 11 episode.

Celebrity Watch Party is mostly about celebrities watching popular television, and in some cases, their own shows. After Jesse McCartney watched his final performance on The Masked Singer a couple episodes back, Fuller House's Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber watched an episode from the final season of their Netflix original.

The Fuller House episode in question was "If The Suit Fits," which was set up to feature an appearance from the never-before-seen Mr. and Mrs. Gibbler. Seeing as their children Kimmy and Jimmy were both getting married as part of a triple wedding, one would think the couple would've showed, but alas, they sent a singing telegram explaining they couldn't make it. The moment led to a heartbreaking confession from Kimmy to Joey, who explained her parents' general uncaring nature was part of the reason she spent so much time with the Tanner family.

Rewatching the moment impacted both Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber, though Sweetin had some trouble keeping her true feelings in check. The Stephanie actor revealed what she truly thought of Kimmy's parents after that scene, in a half-joking but surprising way that would make D.J. Tanner say "Oh Mylanta."

Well they sound like terrible fucking parents!

Hey, when you're right, you're right. Despite the Gibbler parents having the courtesy to send that singing telegram, Kimmy's disappointment in the scene is palpable even though she seems as unsurprised as she is hurt. It's not often Full House or Fuller House has touched on the subject of bad parents, so while Jodie Sweetin's reaction was a tad extreme, I think it's justified.

As far as the real reason the Gibbler parents didn't appear in Fuller House, Candace Cameron Bure explained that introducing two major characters in Kimmy's life towards the end of the show would distract from the wedding story. The show already had a sizable cast they had to work a story around, so adding two more people to that equation would've just been too much. Remember, this was a couple that sent a singing telegram to reject a wedding invite. Characters like that would've demanded screen time, if not an entirely separate spinoff.

Also let's not forget Mr. and Mrs. Gibbler weren't the only major family members to miss out on this wedding. Aunt Becky and Michelle Tanner skipped out as well, and no one accused them of being the absolute worst! It would have been great to have Jodie Sweetin or Andrea Barber mention that during Celebrity Watch Party, but alas, the show had to get opinions from Ozzy Osbourne and others.

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