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Amazon's The Boys Announces Season 2 Premiere Date With Hilarious Video

The Boys Homelander stands with a shocked and bloody face

After one hell of a debut on Amazon Prime Video last summer, the TV adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys left folks wanting more. That’s a fantastic place for any streaming series to be, and when the show was confirmed for a second season, people wanted to know when they’d get more foul and raunchy superhero satire. Well, June 26 just gave us the answer we wanted, but with some strings we didn’t anticipate. First things first, let’s have the good news: The Boys Season 2 will debut on Prime Video on September 4th. Don’t believe us? Check out the official announcement, with a pretty hilarious scene from the next round, below.

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Now here’s where the good news starts to run a little dry. Not only does it look like Hans Zimmer will not be scoring The Boys, despite being name-dropped in this savvy Twitter promo, but The Boys' livestream on Twitter revealed we’re only getting the first three episodes of Season 2 upon that September 4 premiere date. The next five episodes will drop with more of Karl Urban’s handsome mug to grace fans' screens on a weekly basis.

While that’s not exactly the end of the world when it comes to showrunner Eric Kripke’s latest addition to the madhouse of strong language and adult situations, The Boys fans are going to have to adjust their plans to binge the entire second season accordingly. This is a pretty big change, when taking into account the fact that Season 1 was part of the typical “all-at-once” model that Amazon originals have typically followed.

It’s just a sign of the times, as more streamers are stringing out their series through prolonged drops, so as to avoid fatigue, internet spoilers, and waves of subscription cancellations. And with the hook properly baited after The Boys’ startling revelations at the end of Season 1, you just know people are going to come back to see where Billy, Hughie, and the rest of the titular badasses head after learning what they now know. So whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to wait a little longer to see the entire Season 2 picture in full.

If you want to learn more about the secrets revealed for Season 2 of The Boys, you won’t have to look very far. As part of today’s social media blitz, which also included a look at The Seven’s newest member, Stormfront (Aya Cash), an entire panel discussion was moderated by geek supreme Patton Oswalt, and included a spirited discussion with members of the cast. You can watch that stream, in its entirety, in the video below:

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Still, it’s pretty good to see The Boys, and all of the other figures in their sick and twisted world, returning to our screens in the near future. Season 2 will bring just that on September 4th, with more new episodes to come on a weekly basis over the five succeeding weeks. And if the extra time is to ensure that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is being set up properly for Season 3, all is forgiven, Amazon! For what you can watch while you wait, check out our 2020 summer premiere guide.

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