The Boys Gives Everyone A Big F You In New Season 2 Look

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The Boys debuted on Amazon last summer to a lot of critical acclaim and ended up gaining the support of millions of viewers as well. The darkly comic series goes way beyond anything that fans of the Arrowverse or other recent superhero shows would be used to, and brought audiences a gritty world filled with so many uncomfortable laughs and shocking moments that Season 1 will be hard to top (even though they've certainly tried). Fans are now eagerly awaiting the premiere of Season 2, and while we've been getting teases of what to expect, a recent fuck you-based tease is as perfectly The Boys as one could get.

No one who watched The Boys will forget how the series gave us all the gore, sex and cursing galore that we could ever want (OK, maybe even more) from a nutty superhero show. A recent reminder of what Season 2 of The Boys will entail was posted to Twitter, and I think you'll agree that the only thing missing is a woman accidentally killing a man with her thighs. Take a look!

Honestly, if you don't know much about The Boys...well, first of all shame on you. But, second of all, this is a magnificent representation of these characters and everything the show stands for and is actually about. Sure, it looks like the titular Boys are telling us all to fuck off, and if we were in their way they certainly wouldn't hesitate to do so, but I think the message is really deeper than that. I mean, look who they're standing in front of. If The Boys aren't going to tell The Seven to fuck off, who will?

While The Boys aren't the only ones who are onto The Seven, they're absolutely the only ones willing to use any means necessary to stop the manufactured and big, nasty corporation-controlled superhero group. The lives of everyone in The Boys have been changed in radical ways because of the nefarious actions of Vought, the company that controls The Seven and all superheroes, and the many evil misdeeds of the super-powered team in question.

I think we all know that when your drug-fueled superrun horribly kills someone and you show little to no remorse (Dammit, A-Train!), or that when you let an entire airplane full of innocent people die for your own purposes (Homelander is Bastard Number One), that the least you deserve is to get the finger from Frenchie, the Female, Billy Butcher, Hughie, and Mother's Milk.

Of The Seven, only Queen Maeve and Starlight deserve to get a reprieve from the group fuck you so far, but we'll have to wait and see how these two conflicted ladies deal with Vought and their loyalty to the team in Season 2 for us to come to a final verdict on whether or not they should be exploded like Translucent. Though, something tells me that new character Stormfront is going to get a lot closer to the top of that list than either of these heroes.

The Boys is scheduled to return to Amazon for Season 2 at some point this summer (with rumors that Season 3 has already been approved), so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest on the release date. You can revisit all of the first season on Amazon right now, but if you'd like more to watch, you can check out our 2020 Netflix guide and see what summer TV has in store!

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