NCIS' Brian Dietzen Pokes Fun At Wilmer Valderrama On Twitter

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NCIS finished out Season 17 (what it could anyway) back in April, and now the wait is on for when Season 18 will arrive. Unfortunately, production delays have put a lot of hot television shows in limbo as to when they can resume production. NCIS is no exception, and while actors wait for the go-ahead to head to set, some actors like Brian Dietzen are having a little fun with fellow co-stars.

The Jimmy Palmer actor spotted co-star Wilmer Valderrama trying to socialize with NCIS fans on Twitter, and couldn't resist getting in on the action. Check out the tweet below, which features a heartwarming message Dietzen posted, also gently poking fun at his co-star, and continue for what's in store for Season 18 of the CBS procedural.

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Nothing like a little friendly banter to remind the world why they love these NCIS characters. The good news is it seems like both Brian Dietzen and Wilmer Valderrama are ready to get back to filming as soon as they get the go-ahead. CBS better hurry too, because Dietzen may get confused and mistake Mark Harmon's character for Ellie Bishop next.

Brian Dietzen doesn't get the spotlight too often in NCIS, though did get some Torres-level attention in an episode featured late in Season 17. Hopefully there are some more big moments for Jimmy in the upcoming season, or maybe some that feature him and Torres interacting more than they typically do. Based on the playfulness seen in this tweet, I think there's some potential that the show hasn't quite tapped into just yet.

It's hard not to be excited about the Season 18 return of NCIS because there were some major things that the shortened Season 17 wasn't able to get to. The biggest of these was the series' 400th episode, which will still be observed and celebrated when the CBS procedural crosses that road.

While there hasn't been much in the way of when to expect Season 18 of NCIS, there has been information about what fans should and should not expect. We've already been warned that love is not on the table for Gibbs, despite Season 17 featuring some frequent romantic tension with Jack. I guess that was to be expected given how much Bishop and Torres' potential relationship has been dangled over fans' heads, but still has yet to happen. If those two don't find true love, I'm not sure anyone can.

Season 18 of NCIS will arrive on CBS eventually, and CinemaBlend will be there to spread the news when it does. Be sure to stay with us for more news on that front, and to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of television and movies.

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