Nick Cordero's Wife Shares Emotional Family Video After Husband's Death

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Broadway and television actor Nick Cordero died on July 5 after a long battle with the complications of COVID-19, which saw him hospitalized back in March. His wife, Amanda Kloots, shared regular updates on her husband's status throughout his struggles in the hospital, and a lot of people followed along to wish the family well, share in the good news, and mourn the bad. Now, following Cordero's death at the age of 41, Kloots has taken to social media to share an emotional video.

The video showcases Amanda Kloots, her and Nick Cordero's young son Elvis, and their extended family who helped her get through the more than three months of her husband's hospitalization. The video, put together by Kloots' sister and titled "The Silver Linings," runs for more than ten minutes, but for those who have been watching Kloots and her family during Cordero's hospitalization, every minute is worth the watch. Take a look at the video, shared on Instagram:

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While the news of Nick Cordero's passing was of course heartbreaking for Amanda Kloots and her family as well as the well-wishers who have been following Cordero's case for months, the video highlights the brighter moments of family support that kept them all going throughout his health complications. Their adorable son Elvis appears throughout most of the footage, laughing, playing, walking, sleeping, and clearly boosting his mom's spirits.

Amanda Kloots had shared her good spirits throughout Nick Cordero's hospitalization, and she even explained how she was able to remain so hopeful. The ordeal began when Cordero was originally misdiagnosed with pneumonia before eventually being admitted to the ICU and being treated for COVID-19. Cordero had to be put into a medically induced coma, and his leg was amputated because of blood flow issues. A pacemaker was placed into his heart, and Kloots later revealed after Cordero woke from his coma that his lungs were very damaged.

In early June, Amanda Kloots was ready to ask for a miracle after Nick Cordero his 60 days in this hospital, and she shared just days later that she was advised to say goodbye but still believed that there was hope.

Treatment involving stem cells reportedly resulted in some really great signs, and she was finally able to visit him in the hospital after months in late June. Heartbreakingly, Amanda Kloots shared that she "broke" and "got mad at God" when he hit 90 days in the hospital, and it was less than a week later that she broke the news that her husband had passed away. In doing so, Kloots assured all those who had been following her husband's health that he "was surrounded in love by his family" as he died.

In the wake of his death, Hollywood celebrities including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Viola Davis, and more hit social media to share their condolences. Amanda Kloots and her family were able to stay in the guest house of friend and former Scrubs star Zach Braff throughout the ordeal, and he too shared his feelings about Nick Cordero's death.

Our thoughts here at CinemaBlend are with the family, friends, and loved ones of Nick Cordero in this difficult time.

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