9 Fallout Video Game Creatures That Need To Appear In The Amazon Series

Deathclaw Fallout

Amazon has a Fallout series in development, and there's really no way to fully explain how cool that is to someone who is unfamiliar with the franchise. Those who have played the games are undoubtedly excited about the news, though maybe equally filled with worry that Westworld's Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy won't quite do the acclaimed Bethesda series justice.

I'll admit that I'm a bit nervous just because the Fallout franchise is such a specific and weird universe that the slightest change almost feels like it would change the feel of the series entirely. I feel that more with the various mutated creatures this series has cultivated over the course of several games over anything else, so I went ahead and ran down the list of creatures that absolutely need to be incorporated in the Amazon show, should it be given a full series order.

Deathclaw Fallout


They started out as chameleons but after some good old military testing, these gigantic creatures have become one of the most feared creatures in the United States. These 20-foot meat-eaters are fast, strong, and essentially built to kill. Any human that isn't equipped with a substantially big weapon doesn't stand much a chance of surviving one of these things. About the only effective defenses are bright lights and loud noises, which would undoubtedly be utilized in the Fallout series because even a Gatling gun would take a few turns to effectively slow this thing down.

Ghoul Fallout


Ghouls are among the most interesting "creatures" of Fallout because some of them are still relatively normal humans. Ghouls are humans that were caught outside during The Great War and inexplicably survived the ordeal but at a grave cost. All lost their skin, and struggle with a life of pain due to extensive radiation poisoning. Some would argue those Ghouls are more fortunate than the feral Ghouls, whose minds deteriorated along with their bodies. Fear of those Ghouls has made otherwise normal human Ghouls a subject of persecution in Fallout, though some groups are more accepting of them than others.

Super Mutant Fallout

Super Mutants

Another American government creation, Super Mutants are humans that were injected with the "Forced Evolutionary Virus." The result is creatures that look like Frankenstein's monster if he shaved his head and hit the gym every day twice a day. These yoked former humans have lost a substantial amount of intelligence for all that muscle, and are generally quick to violence even if unprovoked. There are exceptions and some slight variations on attributes depending on which region of the United States they hail from, but by and large, Super Mutant camps aren't typically something a human vault dweller wants to encounter out in the wild.

Mole Rat Fallout

Mole Rats

Yes, mole rats aren't entirely unique to the post-apocalyptic world and do exist without an extensive amount of radiation. What makes Fallout's mole rats special is that they're about the size of a medium dog, and one of the most commonly recurring enemies in the game. I would equate them to the Goombas of Super Mario Brothers, so having a show without them just wouldn't feel like Fallout.

Scorchbeast Fallout


Before Fallout 76, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a creature in this franchise as fearsome or deadly as a Deathclaw. Now there are Scorchbeasts, which are essentially giant mutated radiation bats that came from experimentation gone wrong by the Enclave. These dragon-sized beasts aren't just physically deadly; they spread the scorched virus which wiped out a significant chunk of human life in Appalachia. These beasts are capable of bringing about the end of what remains of humanity on their own, so I think that makes them just a bit more horrifying than Deathclaws.

Mirelurk Fallout


When it comes to the most deadly beasts of the post-apocalypse, I can't say that Mirelurks are near the top of the list. To be fair, that doesn't mean they're not dangerous, and if we're talking about the Mirelurk queens, those things can get downright scary! Still, the average Mirelurk on its own is just an over-grown shellfish, which is good eating in times when canned dog food also qualifies as cuisine. At least one of these things should pop up whenever characters are near water.

Mothman Fallout 76


Yes, we're talking about that Mothman, though it's unclear if the popular American cryptid existed before or after the nuclear apocalypse in Fallout. There are certainly moths that have undergone mutation after the many nuclear strikes, though one "wise" Mothman in Appalachia has been known to appear to random people in the area and give a blessing. The cryptid is seen as a god in that area and even has its own cult of followers that attempt to seek it out for salvation from the apocalypse.

Mole Miner Fallout

Mole Miners

Mole Miners are former miners who mutated into stout hunched creatures after the apocalypse. They've retained their human cognition, but in their transition have become extremely communal within their own ranks and openly hostile to anyone else. One of the weirder bits is that they all seem to stay within their worksites and follow the same hierarchy of their previous jobs as if trying to cling onto the last familiar semblance of their humanity. It's actually pretty sad now that I think about it, though I would certainly never hug one out of fear of being shot on sight.

Brahmin Fallout


There aren't many docile creatures in the world of Fallout, but in what may be a small shock, radiation didn't do much to make the domestic farm cow more aggressive. Brahmin are a trusted meat and milk source in the post-apocalypse, despite the fact these creatures have a skin akin to a hairless cat and have gained an extra head. One can also get a healthy dose of radiation eating their steaks, but that's really the case with every food source in Fallout.

A Fallout series is currently in development, and if green-lit, will arrive on Prime Video. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on its progress, and the latest news happening in the world of television and movies.

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