Ruby Rose Explains Real Reason Why She Decided To Exit Batwoman Ahead Of Season 2

batwoman season 2 ruby rose departure

The announcement that Ruby Rose was leaving Batwoman after one season initially came as a shock. The actress was hired to play Kate Kane in 2018, first appearing as Batwoman in the Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” crossover before going on to star in her own show last year. Around the time of her exit, Rose seemed to hint that there might be more to the story, and there were rumors that she didn’t enjoy working in Vancouver, among other things. However, she recently explained the real reason for why she decided to exit Batwoman ahead of Season 2.

The Orange is the New Black vet had to have emergency back surgery last year after she was injured on the set of The CW show and was almost paralyzed. All told, the injury definitely played a role in her decision to leave the show. Here’s what she told EW:

Being the lead of a superhero show is tough. [Laughs.] Being the lead in anything is tough. But I think, in that particular instance, it was a lot more difficult because I was still recovering from my surgery. I had my surgery and then 10 days later I went to work, which maybe wasn't the best idea. Most people take about a month or three off before they return to work, so it was definitely made more difficult by that. But as far as being a lead of a show or a film — regardless if it's action or if it's emotional — in whichever ways it's taxing.

There’s no doubt that being a lead on such an action-packed show is “tough.” The hours are long, the on-set stunts can be dangerous, and it’s a lot for anyone to handle I’m sure. Still, when the news first went public, Ruby Rose cited that the decision to leave Batwoman wasn’t an easy one to make. Despite her recovery and the “taxing” emotional and physical toll, Rose says she loved her experience working on the show and is “proud” of everyone and of herself.

Suffice it to say, however, Ruby Rose’s injury wasn’t the only factor in her decision to leave. She reveals that Batwoman shutting down production in March and her time in quarantine led to her ruminations about her future with the superhero show. In her words:

It wasn't so much [the injury], especially because after we wrapped up we didn't get to finish the real finale because of COVID. You know, you have time in quarantine and sort of isolation to just think about a lot of different things and what you want to achieve in life and what you want to do. I think for both [me and the producers], it was a great opportunity to have a dialogue about a lot of things. I respect them so much and they've been so respectful to me.

Following Ruby Rose’s departure, Batwoman went a different route. Instead of recasting the role of Kate Kane, the show’s team decided to introduce a new character by the name of Ryan Wilder to don the cape and cowl, with Javicia Leslie was cast to play the role. Rose was “so happy” when she found out about Leslie’s casting and believes the actress is a “fantastic” choice to carry on in her place in Season 2.

Batwoman Season 2 is expected to premiere in January 2021 on The CW. The cast of the show will be present at the upcoming DC Fandome event, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates.

Mae Abdulbaki