Is The Voice Season 19 Not Airing This Fall?

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The future is uncertain for many shows that were expected to return in the fall. Television is still attempting to recover from the industry-wide shutdown, and The Voice is no different. Earlier this year, the singing competition was able to complete its season. Now another one awaits, and the question is: will Season 19 air this fall?

The short answer is that if The Voice returns this fall, it will not be when it usually does. Deadline reports that Season 19 will not be ready to make its late September premiere. Before you start singing a sad tune, there is reportedly hope that the singing competition could be able air later this fall. How late into the season?

There is a potential timetable. The Voice’s timeslot replacement will be American Ninja Warrior. Season 12 of the athletic competition is slated to run for eight episodes. That could theoretically push The Voice’s Season 19 premiere back eight weeks. That is, unless an early return becomes possible, and The Voice re-takes its spot from American Ninja Warrior.

If an early return does not happen, eight weeks out from American Ninja Warrior's premiere on September 7 would put The Voice back on the airwaves in November. Fans eager for its return will undoubtedly welcome it, no matter when it's ready for broadcast.

Whatever happens, the silver lining is that The Voice Season 19 is still planned when some other shows' returns are in question. To finish its previous season, The Voice worked around the pandemic as it launched an at-home edition of the series. The news was initially disappointing to some before things settled.

Kelly Clarkson thrilled fans by going makeup-free for the quarantine episodes, and it seemed to be an overall success. Will Season 19 follow suit? It seems doubtful that fans could see Clarkson and her fellow coaches turn around in those big red chairs if they're filming from home. Who knows, though? I could theoretically see NBC sending each coach a red chair for their living room.

Each coach could then turn around at the appropriate time. The Voice could have to get creative again this year after it and rival talent competition American Idol both took the at-home route for the remainder of their respective seasons. The Voice managed to make it work crowning a winner despite some technical difficulties. This was the early age of at-home editions.

For its part, American Idol has already announced that its auditions will be held remotely for the next season. In non-pandemic related news, Gwen Stefani is coming back to The Voice as a coach for Season 19, replacing Nick Jonas. Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson will also return.

The Voice is reportedly hoping to be among this fall’s premieres. Stay tuned to see if it can make it in time. The Voice’s replacement, American Ninja Warrior, will premiere in its stead on Monday, September 7, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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