Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Next Move After Talk Show Fired Top Producers

Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen (2020)

Ellen DeGeneres is still dealing with the fallout stemming from the allegations that have surrounded her eponymous talk show as of late. Employees first made claims of significant salary reductions when the show began its remote phase earlier this year but, over the past several weeks, allegations of a toxic work culture and sexual misconduct from producers has prompted major changes behind the scenes. DeGeneres has already spoken out publicly on the situation and has made efforts to compensate employees and, now, she’s revealed her next move.

As of right now, Ellen DeGeneres has yet to speak publicly on the recent dismissals of several employees due to misconduct. However, when she spoke briefly to DailyMail, she did confirm what she’s now planning to do to ease the tension around her show:

I will be talking to my fans.

Ellen DeGeneres has been known to find ways to interact with fans, whether it be through the program or through the show’s social media channel. At this point, any kind of message to the fans would mark the first time she’s spoken directly to them since the situation began.

The controversy engulfing The Ellen DeGeneres Show has drawn somewhat of a mixed response from many around social media. Many have shown displeasure with the alleged treatment of employees, with some even calling for DeGeneres to be replaced as the show’s host.

However, there have been a number of fans who have lent their support to the comedian and talk show host during this time. This also extends to a number of celebrities. Fellow comedian Kevin Hart has defended her on more than one occasion, while Sofia Vergara recently shot down claims that DeGeneres made inappropriate jokes about her during a 2015 interview. Conversely, other celebrities have corroborated the claims of current and former employees that show had a toxic environment and that the host allegedly did not take responsibility for her workplace.

The situation caused some to ponder the future of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, though one producer stated that the show would not be taken off the air. WarnerMedia chief Jason Kilar doubled down on these sentiments, saying that the company is “fully supportive” of DeGeneres.

Still, the company did launch a third-party investigation into the show, and the recent firings followed shortly after. Ellen DeGeneres has since addressed her staff and has apologized for her “mistakes” and has promised to improve the show’s work culture moving forward. And as previously alluded to, she’s also offering additional benefits to her employees.

As of right now, it’s unclear as to when Ellen DeGeneres plans to address fans. A timetable for her talk show’s return to the studio has also not been revealed.

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