Megan Boone Clarifies One Blacklist Season 8 Detail People Keep Asking Her About

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After coming to an early end last season due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Blacklist is returning this fall. There is one Season 8 detail that people keep asking Megan Boone about, though, which she is now clarifying well-ahead of its premiere. The actress has been asked how, exactly, The Blacklist will make its return, and it is a reasonable question, considering the way Season 7 wrapped up.

To complete its previous finale, The Blacklist opted to animate the portions of the episode that had finished filming, leaving one to wonder: When The Blacklist comes back for Season 8 on November 13, will Megan Boone and her co-stars be in live-action or animated form? Boone took to Instagram to share the answer:

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There you have it. Megan Boone, James Spader, and the rest of The Blacklist’s talented cast will be back in action in live-action form for Season 8. But, when you consider how outrageously amazing the animation was for the impromptu season finale, an animated premiere would have been nothing to fear.

Despite the short time frame that the show had to pull it off, animation company Proof, worked overtime to get The Blacklist’s finale complete. The season-ender took inspiration from Guardians of the Galaxy in the process, along with an unintentional assist from action star, Jason Statham. In the end, a spectacular rendering of the finished product got fans buzzing.

Due to its success, I, for one, would not be miffed if The Blacklist revisited animation in the future. Regardless, the crime drama is returning in the flesh. Viewers ended last season by witnessing Megan Boone’s Liz as she took a dramatic step forward in her journey with Red. In a surprising turn, Liz opted to side with her mother in the battle between her parental figures.

It is a choice that should have repercussions in Season 8, when The Blacklist returns to continue the story it started last season and abruptly had to delay. The thought process behind Liz’s decision to side with her mother has been explained, and The Blacklist will have time to further expand upon that choice.

Meanwhile, the stories that did not get finished will be told in Season 8, according to the show’s producers. One thread that the show will have to resolve is the fate of the late Brian Dennehy’s Dom. Liz’s grandfather was said to be on the verge of waking up from his coma in the animated finale.

At least, that is what Liz could be heard saying in her menacing monologue regarding her choice to side with Katarina. I have had thoughts on how The Blacklist should handle Dom’s story in light of Brian Dennehy’s sudden passing. Season 8 will reveal which way the show heads with it. I would, honestly, not be surprised if Dom coded after hearing what Liz had to say, seeing as how her speech was pretty intense and ominous.

The Blacklist will make its live-action return as one of this fall’s premieres on November 13 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Until then, check out past seasons of the long-running series on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 arrivals.

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