Reno 911's Niecy Nash Comes Out, Shares First Look At New Wife And Beautiful Wedding

reno 911 quibi trailer screenshot

While social distancing protocols have meant a limit on gatherings for a lot of people, Reno 911 star Niecy Nash has shared a look at a very happy event with fans who might be stuck at home. The actress took to social media to both come out and reveal a look at her beautiful wedding to singer Jessica Betts. Check it out!

Niecy Nash, who shared along with the photo on Twitter that her married name is Carol Denise Betts, wore a beautiful dress at the outdoor ceremony in which she tied the knot with singer Jessica Betts. Both Nash and Betts are all smiles as they walk down the aisle together, presumably after exchanging vows. The venue looks absolutely beautiful, and fans of Nash will surely be excited for this new chapter of her life.

Jessica Betts took to Instagram to share the same image, and a cute message: "I got a whole Wife!" Betts actually worked with Niecy Nash on Nash's TNT series Claws, which was scheduled to wrap in 2020 before production had to shut down due to the pandemic. Betts appeared in a Season 2 episode back in 2018.

Although Niecy Nash only shared the one image on her wedding to Jessica Betts on social media, she did post an Instagram Story of the two of them, looking very happy with a perfect hashtag. Take a look!

niecy nash jessica betts instagram screenshot

Plot twist indeed! The background of the Instagram Story looks like it has the same flowers as the wedding picture, so I'm guessing it was taken either shortly before or shortly after the ceremony, when Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts had changed out of their formalwear.

Fans aren't the only ones who are celebrating Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts on their nuptials. Jameela Jamil of The Good Place fame wasted no time in extending her congratulations on Twitter, for example, while Lena Waithe was one of many to celebrate the happy couple on both Betts' and Nash's Instagram posts.

Niecy Nash had been married twice before, both to men. Her divorce from Jay Tucker was finalized earlier in 2020. The actress made her way back to the small screen this year despite production on Claws having to pause, thanks to the Reno 911 revival that hit Quibi. New episodes of the comedy that had previously released on Comedy Central hit the new streaming service when it launched in May 2020, with other original cast members joining Nash back in their Reno P.D. costumes.

While much of the entertainment industry is at a standstill or only slowly getting back to work, I for one am happy to see that Niecy Nash has something so wonderful to celebrate. If you want to see Niecy Nash in action on the small screen, you can find Reno 911 streaming on Quibi and the first three seasons of TNT's Claws streaming on Hulu. For some more viewing options now and in the coming weeks, check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule!

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