Jay Cutler Binged Yellowstone After Split From Kristin Cavallari And His Follow-Up Post Is Great

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What has Jay Cutler been up to after his split from his wife, Kristin Cavallari? Back in April, the couple announced that their decade-long relationship was coming to an end. Cutler and Cavallari had been married since 2013. On Instagram, Cutler revealed what he has spent some of his free time doing – binge-watching Yellowstone. And, his follow-up post is everything.

That is correct, Jay Cutler is doing what anyone with some free time arguably should be doing (in my humble opinion), catching up on Paramount Network’s hit show, Yellowstone. The Kevin Costner-led drama has captured Cutler’s attention amid his split with Kristin Cavallari, and he has found more than a great TV show to watch. Cutler has found inspiration. Check it out his recent Instagram post:

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Yes, those are cows, and that is Jay Cutler. The former Bears player has apparently purchased two adorable cows. As many of you who are reading this will likely know (whether you've watched Yellowstone or not), taking care of cattle is a lot of hard work. So much for those allegations of Cutler lacking motivation. No wonder fans came to his defense.

Jay Cutler is arguably taking his Yellowstone fandom further than any of the show’s other celebrity fans to date. The neo-Western already counts Donnie Wahlberg and Beth Behrs as famous enthusiasts. Ahead of Season 3’s premiere, Wahlberg was sharing how pumped he was for the show to resume.

Jay Cutler has found something he is passionate enough about to pursue, but imitating the characters on Yellowstone is a huge undertaking. Just ask one of the real-life cowboys who stars on the show. On a related note, I think Cutler’s Yellowstone fandom goes beyond those cute cows. Cutler’s outfit looks nearly identical to the one worn by John Dutton, circa Season 2. Check it out:

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John Dutton (probably) approves of all this emulation. As a side note, it would be cute if Yellowstone had Jay Cutler cameo on Season 4. That way, he could show off his Dutton-inspired outfit to the cast in person. Cutler would probably like to know that production on the new season is officially underway. Either way, it is clear that this message from Cutler is all him.

Jay Cutler’s ex Kristin Cavallari has taken credit for running Cutler’s Instagram page in the past. A revelation that later led to some criticism when fans thought she had congratulated herself on Mother’s Day back in May. This Instagram post from Cutler shows him doing the camera work, so it's more than likely he decided to post this all on his own.

The Yellowstone-inspired Instagram post from Jay Cutler comes after he temporarily quit Instagram. Cutler’s brief break came after Kristin Cavallari posted a picture with her former Laguna Beach co-star and love interest, Stephen Colletti, and the post subsequently went viral. Here is hoping that Cutler’s Yellowstone post can do the same.

Tune in with Jay Cutler (potentially) for the Season 3 finale of Yellowstone when it airs on Paramount Network this Sunday, August 23, at 9 p.m. ET. While you stay tuned for more updates on Cutler and Yellowstone Season 4, also have your eyes out for this fall’s premieres.

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