Is Netflix's Emily In Paris Renewed? Showrunner Darren Star Talks Season 2

Emily in Paris rom-com screenshot on Netflix Episode 1, Season 1

Darren Star, the popular producer behind such gems as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Younger, has been one of the TV creators hopping to Netflix recently. This week, his newest series Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins premiered and it has already been crushing out on the streamer’s Top 10 list. Given its popularity, a lot of people are asking whether or not Emily in Paris has been greenlighted for Season 2 already.

Honestly, if you take Darren Star’s statement at face value, the showrunner and show creator at least seems confident in his latest series and already has ideas for Season 2. He talked about a sequel season with O Magazine this week as part of the promotion for the new Netflix series. Without revealing too many spoilers – which is great for those of use who may not have binged the whole series yet – he had this to say about Season 2:

In Season 2, she's going to be more of a part of the fabric of the world she's living in. She'll be more of a resident of the city. She'll have her feet on the ground a little more. She's making a life there.

So, that seems to indicate more is coming, right? Not so fast. Netflix can be a fickle company by nature and has more recently cancelled some shows that have seemingly had avid fanbases. (Not to mention the show the streamer cancelled that had already been picked up for another season, complicating matters further.) Fascinatingly, Emily in Paris was initially supposed to be Paramount Network original, like Yellowstone, but that network recently shifted strategies around original fare and will be honing in more on movies than TV programs moving forward.

So, Will Emily In Paris Get Renewed For Season 2?

Netflix ultimately picked the show up, but in fact, Emily in Paris has not been renewed for Season 2 yet. It’s worth noting that people are clearly champing at the bit to find out whether or not the rom-com does get a second season. It should help that people are talking about the show online and that it’s been popular on the subscription streamer since its release, ranking #2 in the Top 10 list at the time of this writing. There are even a slew of TikTok videos devoted to the show.


If you haven’t watched Emily in Paris, its delightful premise has Lily Collins playing a Midwestern marketer who shifts her life to Paris. Darren Star shows are generally fun watches, but this one gets a special boost simply because it’s a show coming out right now about a location most of us can’t even travel to currently thanks to it being 2020.

Ten episodes of Emily in Paris were produced for Season 1 of the hit rom-com series. If you’ve already plowed through those and haven’t watched Darren Star’s other series Younger yet, I highly suggest that as your next watch. It's a program that has also shuffled around from TV Land to Paramount Network, but it can also be streamed on Hulu.

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