Kim Kardashian Shares Details About Taking Care Of Kanye West When He Had COVID-19

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

By this point, there are so many who have felt the effects of COVID-19, whether it be through a personal diagnosis or a loved one testing positive. This has also extended to a number of high-profile celebrities who have been candid about their personal experiences with the virus. Now, Kim Kardashian is one of the latest to share, as she discusses what it was like to care for husband Kanye West after he contracted it.

Kim Kardashian explained that Kanye West contracted the virus during the early days of the pandemic, meaning that there wasn’t as much available information about caring for someone with COVID-19. The reality recalled to Grazia Global that it was a “scary” time, especially since she also had four children in the house that also needed to be attended to:

Kanye had it way at the beginning, when nobody really knew what was going on. It was so scary and unknown. I had my four babies and no-one else in the house to help. I had to go and change his sheets and help him get him out of bed when he wasn’t feeling good. It was a challenge because it was so unknown. Changing his sheets with gloves and a face shield was really a scary time.

Even now, months into the pandemic, there are still plenty of unknowns when it comes to COVID-19, so one can only imagine the uncertainty Kardashian felt when West fell ill. Thankfully, he eventually recovered and now appears to be spending time with his wife and kids.

The Kardashian-Wests are far from the only famous couple to have a bout with COVID. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were among the first celebrities to be diagnosed, and the two were forced to quarantine in Australia (where Hanks was shooting a film) before returning to the states. They eventually recovered and have since detailed their tiring battle with it. Shortly after, Idris Elba also tested positive, as did his wife who refused to leave his side. The couple was also candid about fighting the virus, citing Hanks for inspiring them to speak out.

If a positive has come out of this situation, it’s that many celebrities have been using their voices to encourage the public to stay safe by wearing masks and social distancing. The fact that they’re also sharing their personal experiences may also serve as a source of encouragement for those dealing with COVID.

There’s no doubt that we are living in uncertain times and, at this point, it’s hard to say how much longer this situation will persist. All we can hope for is that people will be sympathetic and do what they can to help each other.

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