Surprise, Mindy Kaling Secretly Had A Baby During Quarantine

Mindy Kaling secret quarantine baby

There are some celebrities who are actively sharing aspects of their personal lives on the regular, including celebrities like The Rock, Kevin Hart, or Reese Witherspoon. Others are notoriously private, and while I probably would have told you The Mindy Project actress and Never Have I Ever producer was somewhere in the middle, she pulled a total revelation out of a hat this week when she revealed she secretly had a baby during quarantine.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the late night host talked about Mindy Kaling having an “extraordinary” announcement. Normally, that might feel like a little bit of an oversell, but Kaling chose the moment to share the birth of another child -- a kid no one knew about until she decided to reveal the news on TV.

I’m telling it for the first time now. It feels strange. I gave birth to a baby boy on September 3… This is news to a lot of people!

Mindy Kaling also told Stephen Colbert that she had decided to name her second child, a baby boy, Spencer. Colbert himself seems just wowed by the news, probably because she managed to keep it a secret for nine months. I’d actually assume that quarantine made that trick a little bit easier, as Mindy Kaling has likely been getting out and about less since the spring. Still, of all the surprises we could learn, this is a really fun one.

Mindy Kaling often shares images from her life as a mom as well as from her life as a hard worker in Hollywood. Her daughter Kit has popped up on social media occasionally since she was born back in 2017, though Kaling takes care to keep her face out of the images.

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Earlier, I noted that Mindy Kaling is somewhere in the middle when it comes to sharing aspects of her personal life, as she’s open about exercise, her trajectory in Hollywood, and plenty more personally. However, it shouldn’t come as a huge shock that she kept this component a secret. She’s never publicly revealed Kit’s father and, given what happened this time around, probably would not have even announced she was pregnant the first time if Oprah Winfrey hadn’t accidentally outed her.

It’s probably better in a lot of ways to be able to keep your kids off of the celebrity radar. A lot of A-lister have struggled with how much or how little to share about the lives of their children. Gwyneth Paltrow even made headlines a while back when her daughter Apple called her out for posting a family photo without consulting her daughter. I would imagine it's probably hard to figure out what’s the right line for your own family.

However, I gotta say, announcing a quarantine baby on late night TV is pretty exciting. You can catch new episodes of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on weeknights at 11:30 p.m. ET. Or find out what else is coming down the TV pipeline with our full fall TV schedule.

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