Kevin Hart’s Family Has Some Funny Complaints About Him Being At Home All The Time

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Kevin Hart has been one of the celebrities who has been an open and active presence despite staying at home these last few months. He recently caught up with his pal Ellen DeGeneres again to talk about what he’s been up, which basically includes annoying the heck out of his family. In fact, they have some funny complaints about their dad (or husband) being at home all the time.

During a recent episode of The Ellen Show, the daytime host made the brave call to ask Kevin Hart about his wife Eniko Parrish and the kids. As you may already know Eniko Parrish is pregnant with she and Kevin Hart’s second child and while you’d think it might be nice to have Hart around for all the milestones, as Hart himself recounts “daddy” gets pretty annoying.

She's not getting on my nerves. But she's saying I'm getting on her nerves. And you know, whatever. I don't fight it. But apparently, I'm annoying. That's what they're talking about around the house, saying that I'm just 'always around. That’s what I’m hearing. ‘Dad, you always around. Go somewhere.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I’m home, you know, I’m actually here.’ So, yeah I have to be around. And they say, 'Dad, you always want to do stuff. Just chill. And I'm like, well I thought doing stuff was chilling, y’all don’t want to do something? You want to make a TikTok? I bring that energy to the household.

Pregnant or no, Eniko Parrish is apparently a joy to live with, per the comedian's comments to Ellen, but Kevin Hart himself can be a bit more of a challenge. The issue with a lot of funny people is just that they are on a majority of the time. This I’d assume can be great if you are the kind of person like Hart who thrives on business opportunities and hustling. However, Hart being around 24/7 means no relaxing in his household.

On a sidenote about the TikTok comment the actor isn’t joking, either. He and the family have been creating a ton of content on the platform that’s gone viral and you need look no further than creative videos such as this one.


Apparently, the family is not always digging his seemingly relentless energy. However, if you were to ask Hart, it’s “been a real blessing” to be home. Other than the fact he doesn’t get to choose what’s on the television, of course. That, he's already complained about.

The last time the actor spent so much time with his family he was mostly trying to rehab after a horrible car accident, which may have made him a little more of a sympathetic figure to his family, but also meant the focus was on managing pain and rehabbing, neither of which are as nice as spending quality time with the ones you love.

And if that time also includes coming up with some viral content for Kevin’s Hart myriad fans in the process, well, that’s just a bonus for the actor.

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