Cops Dispatch To Logan Paul's Home, Though For A Very Different Reason Than Brother Jake Paul's Raid

Logan Paul's home YouTube screenshot

Over the weekend, Logan Paul got a little taste of what it’s like to have a bunch of cops swarm his humble abode. However, unlike his brother Jake Paul, the police weren’t there to complete a raid on his home. Instead, those inside Paul’s home actually called the cops after a trespasser was seen hopping over a fence and onto the property.

The trespasser incident went down on Sunday in the middle of the day. People at Logan Paul’s home were just hanging out and minding their own business when a dude cut over the wall surrounding Paul’s home. The incident happened at 2:45 in the afternoon in the Los Angeles area and the police were on the scene, with footage even capturing an LAPD helicopter above the property. The trespasser was also absconding with a suitcase at the time the cops showed up.

Interestingly, when Jake Paul’s home was raided some months back, some guns were taken from the home. In the case of the Logan Paul incident, TMZ reports that those inside the YouTube star’s home had called the cops and mentioned they were also armed and ready to retaliate if the trespasser attempted to come inside the home. Things didn’t escalate to that point, but it seems both Paul brothers keep weapons in the home.

Meanwhile, however, the Jake Paul incident was a whole ‘nother whale of a tale. The FBI actually were the group responsible for raiding the other Paul brother’s home over the summer. Initially, we only knew they were executing a search warrant on his property, though we later learned the raid was connected to an “Arizona looting situation” that Jake Paul had been around during around the time of the protests across the United States.

Jake Paul even came out to clarify what had happened at the time. He noted all the rumors, including rumors the raid occurred after throwing big parties during quarantine, rolling around were untrue, mentioning,

So, just to clarify things and set the record straight, the FBI raid is entirely related to the Arizona looting situation that had happened and it is an investigation. There are rumors about it having to do with so many other things that have nothing to do with me or my character and the shit that people are making up is absolutely absurd.

Obviously, this trespassing incident is a different case. Logan Paul is expected to press charges in the incident, though he hasn’t commented publicly yet. When last we heard from the YouTube personality, he needed stitches after getting angry. He’d recently learned a Pokemon card he owned that he believed was worth $2 million was a fake.

He’s not the first celebrity nor will he likely be the last to deal with a trespasser on his property. Jennifer Lopez once had a stalker living in her pool house for a whole week. Jennifer Lawrence has previously dealt with fans weirdly sleeping on her lawn. Taylor Swift deals with this sort of stuff on the regular. There are pros and cons to being famous, but I’d assume this one thing goes straight into the con pile.

Jessica Rawden
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