Wait, Did 90 Day Fiance's Darcey Silva Pay For Her Own Engagement Ring?

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It has been less than a day since news broke that former 90 Day Fiancé star and current Darcey & Stacey star Darcey Silva got engaged to her European boyfriend Georgi Rusev, and fans are already poking apart their romantic day. Specifically, there are already questions about her engagement ring, and even suggestions that Darcey paid for it herself.

Is it true, and did the 46-year-old woman buy her own ring for her 32-year-old Bulgarian beau to propose? Here's what's being alleged, and the evidence some are claiming proves that Darcey kept things low-budget for her latest love interest.

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The Ring

If you're a public figure and trying to keep anything private, you should always be wary of what you post on social media. Of course, it's not like Darcey Silva was going to keep her engagement to Georgi Rusev from the public, but she may not have expected the fans would be so obsessed with the ring she had on her finger.

The ring is very interesting, especially considering some have pointed out that one just like it is for sale on Darcey and Stacey's online store, House of Eleven. The Promise Ring, as it's called, is a cubic zirconia ring the same style as the one Darcey Silva is wearing in her engagement picture with Georgi Rusev. The ring retails for $70, or 4 payments of $17.50. Some fans suspect that Georgi Rusev did not actually purchase a ring for Darcey, but that the couple took photos with this ring from her shop until a proper one could be purchased.

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Georgi Claims The Ring Was Hard To Find

The couple's initial engagement happened in June, but news recently broke via People in a planned announcement. In their interview, Georgi Rusev specifically talked about how finding a ring was difficult, as was booking the boat on which he proposed to her in during COVID-19 shutdowns. Part of it was due to the shutdowns, but also apparently because he allegedly struggled to keep the ordeal a secret from Darcey.

For all the talk about the ring, Georgi did not talk about the cost, nor were there details about the ring's specifics. I guess giving the exact size and karats of the ring may be considered tacky to some, though it is often a point of interest and something talked about in reveals like this. Could Darcey Silva and Georgi be keeping quiet about the ring because it's a $70 stand-in?

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In-House Purchase, Or Recycled Ring?

Those who check out the Promise Ring available on the House of Eleven website will notice the description says the ring is "Inspired by Darcey's and Stacey's diamond engagement rings." This listing has been up at least since June, so I suppose it's possible this ring was made to be modeled after the ones Darcey and Stacey have from their respective men.

Of course, it wasn't known Darcey and Georgi Rusev were engaged back in June, which brings us to another interesting bit of information. This isn't the first time Darcey Silva has posed with similar rings of this style, and in the past, she used it to tease engagements with men on 90 Day Fiancé that didn't work out. Could this be a recycled ring from a former romance, or perhaps the same ring in her shop used to promote another engagement?

The fact is, we don't know. As plausible as it may be that Darcey Silva lent her young Bulgarian model boyfriend a ring from her shop with which he could propose to her, it's also equally plausible he shelled out the money to do it properly. Darcey has not commented on the ring's legitimacy, but perhaps future episodes of Darcey & Stacey will tell us one way or the other.

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