90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Claps Back Hard At Fans Still Trolling Her Page

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90 Day Fiancé couples have had a wild year in 2020, though it's hard to argue who's had the wildest. Larissa Dos Santos Lima certainly became a contender when she was detained by ICE yet again and the subsequently fired by TLC in the same week for hosting an adult-themed cam show showcasing her new body. Since then, the former reality star has been on the comeback trail, making that money on OnlyFans and other online platforms, but she is still dealing with 90 Day Fiancé fans wanting to know about her personal life, and not always in the kindest ways.

Larissa has weathered a ton of trolling on social media regarding her past relationship with Colt Johnson, as well as her current one with Eric Nichols. But apparently, she has had enough. In a fiery and lengthy Instagram post, Larissa clapped back hard on those giving her a hard time online, and made it clear that she wants the 90 Day Fiancé trolls hounding her comment sections to move on.

My page has nothing to do with 90 Day, as I am no longer a cast member of the franchise. For the two years I was on the show, I had been bullied, harrassed, and threatened. Now that I am emancipated and independent, I make decisions for myself, including how I choose to earn money. I will not tolerate anymore bullying. My target audience is now all adult, because my main focus is Onlyfans. It is for my Onlyfans that I will post any related content on my IG. To the adult women continuously bashing me on their authentic or cowardly fake accounts, unfollow please. I am here, I am working, and I am paying a lot of taxes. None of you people with your loathing comments and messages have the right to judge me. You don't like me? Great, the feeling is mutual. How about you stop making the conscientious decision to look on my page? Just unfollow, or even better, just block me if I offend your wholesome values. Do not bully my friends or my fans. That is so pathetic to do, and its not making me go away. You online bullies are playing with fire, and one day a person will be pushed over the edge. Yes, public figures are in a public forum and should be able to take the heat, but this level of virtual harassment is completely out of control.

The last bit almost seemed vaguely threatening to anyone who wishes to continue bullying Larissa online, though it may not be something she'd want to have online considering the current state of her status in the United States. While it was implied on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? that Larissa Dos Santos Lima's problems with deportation were done, her most recent detainment has led some to believe that's not necessarily the case. Larissa could definitely still be deported from the United States, and she would be sent back to Brazil if it happened.

It's not currently known what the status is on Larissa Dos Santos Limas' deportation hearing, but with the star out of the TLC family, 90 Day Fiancé fans may just need to come to terms with the fact that they will no longer have access to the most intimate details of Larissa's life, at least without ponying up some money for OnlyFans. Of course, the tabloids will surely come through with the occasional rumor, but it appears the days of pulling anything juicy from her social media beyond swimsuit pictures are over.

While Larissa Dos Santos Lima can try her hardest to distance herself from the franchise, her ex-husband Colt Johnson is still involved. If he thinks he can ruffle her feathers by name-dropping her from time to time in a future season, there's little doubt he will do just that. The alternative would be for him and other 90 Day Fiancé viewers to respect her wishes and move on making snide comments, though given how trolls can operate on the Internet, this latter scenario feels unlikely. Check out the full Instagram post below, and scroll through the comments to see how well (or not) her message is already working.

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