Watch Lily Collins And The Cast Of Netflix’s Emily In Paris React To The Show’s Season 2 Renewal

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It is official, everyone! Darren Star’s Emily in Paris has been renewed for Season 2 a little over a month after the show premiered on Netflix in October. What did Lily Collins and the rest of the cast make of the show’s renewal news? They had one word to sum it all up and they did it in a hilarious video wherein Collins and her co-stars all but burst with excitement.

While many Netflix shows have been cancelled in 2020, now there is another show that is safe. Emily in Paris follows Lily Collins’ Emily as she moves to Paris to pursue her career. The viewership surrounding the series was enough for a Season 2 renewal, and the cast is rejoicing in the funny video posted by Netflix below. À bientôt (see you soon) after the video! Check it out below:

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It seems Lily Collins and the rest of Emily in Paris’ cast is excited about returning for Season 2, and who can blame them? To get to return to film a show underneath the bright lights of Paris has to add another layer of joy. Plus, it means that Darren Star will get to explore the vibes he teased before the official Season 2 renewal.

In essence, the Sex and the City and Emily in Paris creator hinted at Emily finding her place in the world she entered in the first season. Will she discover herself at the center of fewer controversies off-screen? Hopefully. Upon its release, Emily in Paris became the subject of an intense backlash from French critics, who took issue with the show’s portrayal of Parisians, and that is not where the drama ended.

One of the show’s French stars, Lucas Bravo, responded to the uproar, saying he thought critics were “right, in a way.” Emily in Paris also got slammed by a popular Chicago deep dish pizza restaurant after the show insulted it by name in the first episode. The Netflix show was not exactly making a lot of friends at the popular eatery.

So, between that and the French critics’ critique of the series, Emily was in some hot water. Her stylish outfits have survived until a second season. A premiere date is not known at this time. With television slowly yet surely returning to work on new seasons of various shows and saving Netflix money in the process, it will be interesting to see when Emily in Paris gets back in front of cameras.

Season 2 could be a while away. Thankfully, there will be a lot to look forward to when it returns. Until it does, Season 1 of Emily in Paris is currently streaming on Netflix as one of the streaming giant’s 2020 premieres. You can check out loads of other television shows arriving via 2021’s winter and spring’s schedule.

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