Netflix's Emily In Paris Gets Slammed By Iconic Chicago Pizza Restaurant For Deep Dish Insult

Emily in Paris Emily Cooper Lily Collins Netflix

Emily in Paris Emily Cooper Lily Collins Netflix

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Emily in Paris may be finding an audience on Netflix, but not all viewers are happy with one of its digs. The new romantic dramedy from Sex and the City creator Darren Star took a shot at an iconic Chicago pizza restaurant by disparaging the deep dish destination. Now, the pizzeria is dishing it right back by slamming the show.

If you already tuned in to the first episode of the new Netflix show, then you know that Emily does not hold back when it comes to her taste in pizza. The series follows Lily Collins’ eponymous character as she moves to Paris for her job. Before long, she discovers that her French co-workers are not fans of deep dish pizza, to which she responds:

Oh no, you must have gone to Lou Malnati’s.

As you can imagine, Lou Malnati’s did not take the pizza dig well. Owner Marc Malnati had some choice words for Emily in Paris as the iconic Chicago pizzeria joins French critics in slamming the series. The slight is probably not the best thing for business, so Malnati clapped back with the following statement (via Variety)

While the writers of Emily in Paris may not be fans of deep dish pizza or Lou Malnati’s in particular, generations of Chicagoans would strongly disagree. Malnati’s is always the first to participate in good-natured banter with pizza lovers from New York or California. However, it feels especially unkind to disparage anyone during these difficult times, given that most restaurants are struggling to hang on.

Ouch. Marc Malnati has a point. Restauants have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Netflix users may wind up streaming Emily in Paris, hearing the disparaging remark, and deciding to take their deep dish desires elsewhere. The show may pride itself on being fashionably chic, but this comment is not a good look to me. Check this out:

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To be fair to Emily in Paris -- the show was made well before the coronavirus pandemic shut down the television and movie industry, so it did not deliberately kick the pizza restaurant while it was down. In fact, as announced way back in September 2018, it was originally meant to air on the Paramount Network.

Emily in Paris supposed to air on Paramount Network in the summer of 2019. That did not happen, and now Netflix has its first season streaming instead. Cut to October, and Lou Malnati’s is fighting back against Emily in Paris’ deflating take on the restaurant. The skirmish bled over to Instagram, where the pizza eatery posted the following:

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Well, Emily is in Paris, far away from the Windy City and the fury that she has caused there. Good thing Darren Star has Emily becoming enmeshed in the “fabric” of Paris if there is a Season 2! Considering everything that Lou Malnati’s mentioned, I hope Netflix has Lily Collins voice over the diss.

It would not erase the feelings it stirred. However, it could help lessen the blow and keep it from continuing to sting new viewers. Season 1 of Emily in Paris is currently streaming on Netflix as one of the streaming giant’s 2020 premieres. You can check out loads of other television shows set to accompany the Lily Collins romantic dramedy on this fall’s schedule.

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