The Family Chantel's Latest Episode Called Royal Out, But Made Everything A Whole Lot Worse

Angenette and Royal The Family Chantel TLC

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Family Chantel episode "Loose Lips Sink Ships." Read at your own risk!

The Family Chantel hit viewers with quite a bombshell two episodes previously when Angenette Everett revealed her husband Royal Everett accused her of getting pregnant by another man when she had a miscarriage. The accusation, paired with Royal telling sister Chantel Jimeno that he believed Angenette had talked to other American men in hopes of getting a green card, only heightened the drama, and she and the rest of her family wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Something wasn't adding up, so The Family Chantel staged an intervention of sorts to get to the bottom of the situation. Chantel and her sister Winter Everett met with Angenette and her friends at a bar to ask about the things Royal had told them, all of which was news to Angenette. When Royal arrived with brother River Everett and Chantel's husband Pedro Jimeno, everyone decided to ask Royal why he was telling people things that Angenette said didn't happen. More importantly, why he was denying that he accused Angenette of cheating when his wife was clearly very upset about it at the table and begging him to come clean.

It was a situation that Royal Everett clearly was blindsided by, and as opposed to getting him out of the situation, sister Chantel Jimeno tried to press him further for answers. From my perspective, it seemed Royal did not want to talk about any of this in front of The Family Chantel cameras on the other side of the table, but as opposed to letting him walk away immediately, Royal was held at the table and pressed for questions.

Eventually, Royal Everett left Angenette and her friends at the bar, while his brother-in-law and siblings chased after him. The TLC cameras followed as well, and it was at this point Royal cut loose. He got in the face of a producer and appeared to be swearing and ready to fight, and the episode cut with the clear indication he was not happy with what happened. The Family Chantel tried to stage an intervention, but considering how everything went down, it may have made everything a lot worse.

Which may just be a side effect of being a part of the family Everett. The Family Chantel fans should know by now that they aren't ones to stray away from drama, and they tend to ride or die for their own regardless of whether or not they're in the wrong. Even during the intervention, it was really hard to see how Royal could come out of that interaction looking like he wasn't partially in the wrong, but Chantel maintained in separate interviews that she believed Angenette was the one being shady.

As for how fans should feel, chances are the truth is more complicated than an hour-long edited episode. The important thing is that Royal and Angenette can work through this hard time, and in a surprising change of pace for TLC shows, the answer to that question is not readily online. We can only wait and see if these two make it through.

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