Jay Cutler Stirs The Pot, Hangs Out With Woman Ex Kristin Cavallari Fired

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The public saga of Very Cavallari star Kristin Cavallari's divorce from former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler has taken another turn. Although the exes celebrated at least part of Halloween together (in costume) with their kids, Cutler revealed that he has been hanging out with somebody that Very Cavallari fans will remember well, and not because she was a stellar employee of Cavallari's. Shannon Ford was fired by Cavallari back in early Season 2, and now she's hanging with her former boss's former husband.

Jay Cutler himself revealed the rendezvous via social media, and Shannon Ford's appearance at a cozy-looking dinner has effectively stirred the pot on social media. Take a look at the video that Cutler shared on Instagram:

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Jay Cutler apparently hit the town to enjoy some oysters and wine with none other than Shannon Ford, who was memorably fired by Kristin Cavallari in the second season of what would be the three-season run of Very Cavallari on E!. Although they look pretty comfortable, they're not alone with each other. Cutler's pal Mark "Chuy" Block was on hand to share a "cheers" with Cutler and Ford as well.

All things considered, it's probably safe to say that this pot-stirring video isn't a sign that any sparks are flying between Jay Cutler and Shannon Ford. Back in October, Ford celebrated her three-year anniversary with musician John Gurney with some vacation pictures on Instagram.

More recently, Shannon Ford celebrated her birthday by posting a photo of her with John Gurney, and Gurney posted an image with Ford on his own social media account just days ago. Cutler may have generated some buzz for hanging with somebody who may be best known for being fired by his ex wife, but this presumably wasn't a date.

Of course, Kristin Cavallari arguably stirred the pot herself when she dropped a very cozy photo of herself with former Laguna Beach flame Stephen Colletti on social media, and Jay Cutler actually quit Instagram for a time in August after Cavallari's post went viral. He didn't stay gone, however, as he was back before the end August to post about Paramount's Yellowstone. He also used social media to debunk rumors that he was dating political commentator Tomi Lahren.

The Instagram discourse when it comes to Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari actually began much earlier this year, when Jay Cutler seemingly posted a Mother's Day image and message for Cavallari. Then fans got to talking, and rumors spread that Cavallari actually ran Cutler's account, and therefore congratulated herself.

If you want to revisit Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari's relationship back in the Very Cavallari days (complete with Cavallari firing Shannon Ford), you can find the first two seasons streaming on Peacock now. For some additional viewing options in the not-too-distant future, check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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