Eminem’s Original ‘Stan’ Music Video Actor Devon Sawa Reacts To SNL’s Excellent Pete Davidson Spoof

Pete Davidson is on a roll with pop culture references during Saturday Night Live sketches this season. His latest to go viral was a bit called “Stu” which was a holiday-themed take on Eminem’s famous “Stan” music video, also starring Jason Bateman as Santa Claus. Many a year ago, Devon Sawa starred in the original music video for “Stan” and, of course, he caught the SNL spoof over the weekend, reacting afterward.

On Saturday, NBC debuted the Jason Bateman-led and oft holiday-themed episode of Saturday Night Live from 30 Rock. In it Pete Davidson plays Stu, the character based on the Stan character that Devon Sawa played in the original music video. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet, you can give it a watch below.

Like many of us, Devon Sawa actually caught the holiday-themed (but still rather dark) Saturday Night Live Sketch. Speaking with ET Canada, Devon Sawa elaborated on everything he loved about the holiday take on Eminem’s “Stan” music video, which starred the Final Destination actor 20 years ago.

I think I saw it a little differently than other people did because Pete Davidson, he not only did the video, but he got all the nuances. Everything from blowing the pencil off to some of the eye rolls at certain moments he nailed it. He absolutely nailed it. Twenty years later and somebody decides to parody the 'Stan' video, it’s flattering. Again, to be a part of that song the fact that Eminem picked me and that it’s still as powerful today is flattering. They killed it, I laughed, I smiled, good job SNL.

Obviously, it’s always a little better for the Saturday Night Live cast members when the people being spoofed are happy about the outcome. (It can be less great the other way around.) In this case, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could have disliked the “Stu” video -- at least who was already a fan of “Stan,” though it's hard to tell how much mileage the average person will have gotten if they aren't a big Eminem person. However, the real question, as Devon Sawa sees it, is who did it better:

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“Stan” has been one of the most enduring enduring songs of Eminem’s career, to the point where he’s performed it a couple of times on SNL before. Twenty years later, the sketch still holds up for a generation of fans who grew up on the The Marshall Mathers LP. Personally, I can't wait to see what Pete Davidson brings to the table next, but if it's another sketch with an Eminem cameo, I'm here for it.

SNL Season 46 is currently airing on NBC. To see what else is heading to the schedule this winter, take a look at our full guide. And be sure to keep tabs on the other major names hosting Saturday Night Live this season.

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