The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda Meets Breaking Bad In New Art From DC Legend Jim Lee


The Mandalorian may be done for now thanks to the shocking Season 2 finale, but there is no end when it comes to Baby Yoda love. Now, DC Comics legend Jim Lee has made a contribution to the Star Wars fandom that not only showcases Baby Yoda, but also opens the door for the little guy to break bad. Yes, Jim Lee drew a panel that unites The Mandalorian with Breaking Bad for a bonkers kind of crossover.

Jim Lee drew this new take on Baby Yoda during a Twitch stream, but then went out of his way to share the art with those who didn't check out the stream. Take a look at what could be Baby Yoda on the way to breaking bad!

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Baby Yoda isn't in the meth game in the art courtesy of Jim Lee, but he is enjoying a meal from Los Pollos Hermanos, which Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fans know as the fast food chain run by Gus Fring (who happens to be played by The Mandalorian's Giancarlo Esposito) as a way to launder money from his drug operation. In Lee's drawing, Baby Yoda apparently took a break from the space macarons to chow down on a taco and a drink. The smoke in the distance behind him seems to be coming from a Taco Bell sign, though.

Did Mando crash in the drive-through and they had to go to Los Pollos Hermanos rather than Taco Bell? Did Baby Yoda use the Force to destroy that Taco Bell because he loves Los Pollos Hermanos so much? Does this mean that Baby Yoda is moving away from live creatures in his diet? Did one of the people who served Baby Yoda look suspiciously like Moff Gideon? So many questions from the Jim Lee drawing!

In all seriousness, both The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad are incredibly popular shows, even with Breaking Bad ending back in 2013. Of course, the Better Call Saul spinoff guarantees that some Breaking Bad characters are still... well, breaking bad on the small screen for now. Jim Lee crossing Baby Yoda with Los Pollos Hermanos is a fun pick that should appeal to multiple fandoms. And, as he made clear in the caption, it was drawn with affection.

Fans of all these shows shouldn't count on any kinds of actual crossover, though. The Mandalorian after all is set in a galaxy far, far away a long time ago, and Better Call Saul is set even earlier than Breaking Bad back in the pre-Baby Yoda days. This also wasn't the first time that Jim Lee was inspired by The Mandalorian to start drawing. In fact, it was the return of Boba Fett that first brought Star Wars to Lee's social media recently:

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Jim Lee used a hashtag to pay tribute to the original Boba Fett actor who passed away this month, but made it clear that the arrival of Boba Fett in The Mandalorian was a big deal in his household. I'm guessing that the big news of the Boba Fett spinoff on the way was a hit for his family as well! Now we just need a drawing of Boba and Fennec Shand stopping by Los Pollos Hermanos with a hankering for chicken.

You can revisit the meth-free adventures of Baby Yoda and Boba Fett with Season 2 of The Mandalorian streaming on Disney+ now. For some viewing options in the new year, be sure to check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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