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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina's Gavin Leatherwood Talks Nick's 'Powerful' Love For Sabrina In Final Season

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MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD for the final episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

The wild ride of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina came to an end with a fourth and final season (released as Part 2), and the episodes delivered a tragically romantic endgame for Sabrina and Nick. Despite Sabrina's determination not revive a relationship with Nick after everything that happened in the third season, the battle against the Eldritch Terrors and arrival of Sabrina Morningstar helped Sabrina Spellman realize where her heart truly belonged. Actor Gavin Leatherwood explained Nick's love for Sabrina that left Nick determined to win her back, and which led to Nick's ultimate decision in the series finale.

Gavin Leatherwood, who recurred as Nick in the first two seasons before returning as a regular in the third and fourth, spoke with CinemaBlend and other press outlets ahead of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's final bow. He explained Nick's feelings for Sabrina Spellman, saying:

I feel like Nick would not be who he is without Sabrina. He's so driven by love. Nick was like a lamp that was never turned on until Sabrina came into his life. And since she brought that light, he sort of saw the world in a whole new way. And before where lust was more of his driving factor and his lust for knowledge and for being the best and for power, and strength was all at the forefront until Sabrina sort of flipped that world on its head. And as he went through it all, he discovered the power of love and what that can [be] and how much more powerful love is than anything else.

The Nick who was so devoted to getting Sabrina back throughout Season 4 was very different from the Nick who debuted back in Season 1, and Gavin Leatherwood attributes that change to Nick discovering the "power of love" thanks to Sabrina. It was clear pretty early in Season 4 that Nick wasn't just casually hoping that Sabrina would give him another chance, so perhaps fans shouldn't have been surprised by his ultimate decision at the end of the series.

After Sabrina sacrificed herself to save everybody, she went to the "sweet hereafter" afterlife where she was looking pretty at peace, although alone. Then, Nick showed up and revealed that he'd gone for a swim in the "Sea of Sorrows" with its wicked undertow, ending his own life to join Sabrina in the afterlife so they could be together forever. Although Sabrina was initially sad that Nick's life was over, she warmed up quickly to the idea of spending forever with him. So, it was about as happy an ending as Sabrina/Nick fans could have hoped for once Sabrina Spellman died, and Sabrina Morningstar's body was no longer around.

For Nick, the power of love clearly wasn't enough to just change him in life; it was enough for him to want to die to be with the young woman he'd loved. After doing everything he could to support her, save her, and honor her decision to risk her own life to save the day, he made the ultimate sacrifice himself. Talk about a tragic love story! The finale was pretty sad for most of the characters who loved and lost Sabrina, but Sabrina herself got a happy-ish ending with her afterlife reunion with Nick. And hey, she can always potentially reunite with more of her loved ones when they die as well, down the line!

The deaths of both Sabrinas and Nick probably rule out some spinoff possibilities, but there are still plenty of characters who survived and could potentially continue their stories. Whether that would be in the form of another show, a comic run, or even a move to Riverdale (although the upcoming Riverdale time jump could complicate things), fans can always hope for more of the survivors of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. For now, you can find the full series streaming on Netflix, along with plenty of other upcoming viewing options.

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