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Season 2 of The Mandalorian took the Star Wars series to greater heights where ratings and popularity are concerned. With Season 3 confirmed but slightly on the back burner, viewers are hungry for more Mando. Pedro Pascal, the actor in the Mandalorian helmet, has become more of a household name despite the fact that, besides a few key scenes, he is unrecognizable through most of the show. This is due to Pascal being completely covered by armor, as is the Mandalorian way. This key element of his Mandalorian role, while it definitely makes for a cool way to tell a story, can make it a little awkward for fans who are used to the full suit of armor meeting the actor in real life.

Adult fans of the show may know Pedro Pascal’s face as the one beneath the helmet, but when they see him in public and want to introduce their kids to the actor, Pascal says it can be a little disappointing for them - and even kinda awkward for him. Pascal gets a little bit goofy in an interview with Stir Crazy and speaks on his interactions with young fans of The Mandalorian. In his own words:

I always feel bad. A parent that I meet, they have their kid, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to impress my child so much. I’m introducing them to the Mandalorian. But then it’s like my face, and I don’t have The Child with me; I’m not wearing a helmet. And they look and they’re like, ‘Who’s this guy?’And then, if I’m going to speak to them in a Mando voice, it’s kind of strangely like a bedroom voice. Totally inappropriate. So it’s kind of just like, [awkward sounds].

While most fans probably hadn't thought about Mando’s helmet voice being Pedro Pascal’s bedroom voice, we are pretty certain that everyone does now. It’s kind of a downer for everyone in that specific scenario, but for the people who agree with PEOPLE’s sexiest men alive list it’s pretty much a dream come true. With Pascal having been recently added to the list, this statement puts an interesting twist on The Mandalorian series. Maybe it’s time for a rewatch with this new development in mind?

Even though he may not have that instant visual association with The Mandalorian, the actor has definitely become a more recognizable face in Hollywood. That may be due to the scenes at the end of Season 2 of the series where he dramatically reveals his face in a pretty powerful statement of love for the all-important Baby Yoda. Or, it could have something to do with his recent major role as the main antagonist in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984. Either way, we are here for it and are looking forward to seeing Pedro Pascal in more big roles in the future, whether his face is visible or not. Hopefully it is, though. You know, for personal reasons.

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