The Thing That Bothers Justin Bieber's Wife Hailey The Most About Online Trolls

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Online trolls can be vindictive and merciless when it comes to harassing celebrities on social media. One of those celebrities who has endured such bullying model Hailey Baldwin, who also happens to be Justin Bieber’s wife. For Baldwin, online trolls have been a problem for years, with her and Bieber’s relationship being a prime target. And it turns out there's one thing that bothers her about Internet haters more than anything else.

Over the years, Hailey Baldwin has endured merciless bullying from online trolls, and many within that bunch have been vocal fans of Justin Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez. Bieber and Gomez’s tumultuous relationship played out in the media for seven years, and recent years have seen the former couple’s various relationship issues spilling over to social media. Unfortunately for Baldwin, she has experienced the wrath of those trolls and more ever since she and Bieber rekindled their relationship in 2018. Speaking recently with The Evening Standard, Baldwin talked about how online hate has affected her mental health.

I’ve had to work a lot of this through with a therapist, because it had got to a point where they’d gotten way too crazy for me, and I was really anxious all the time. The thing that bothers me the most is that a lot of people online really want me to be a not nice person. They expect me to be mean and they call me a bitch. You’ve never even met me in person, you don’t know me.

As Hailey Baldwin pointed out, most online trolls want to bring out the worst in celebrities, along with seeking attention for themselves. Before getting back together with Justin Bieber in 2018, the two had briefly dated from 2015 to 2016 during his on-and-off relationship with Gomez. After Bieber and Gomez’s relationship ended for good in 2018, Baldwin and her now-husband were engaged in July 2018 before officially getting married in Nov. 2018. The couple documented their relationship as part of Bieber's YouTube docuseries Seasons.

While many know her as Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin has quite a resume as a model and media personality. She has been featured in such fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, often as the cover model, along with being the face of campaigns for H&M, Karl Lagerfeld and Levi Jeans. In recent years, she has lent her talents to hosting television shows and award shows such as TBS’s Drop the Mic and the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Baldwin did receive backlash for promoting the infamous Fyre Festival, though later revealed she donated her profits to charity.

As social media becomes increasingly integral to celebrity branding, people like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin will need to continue to figure out how to navigate online trolls’ unwarranted harassment. Fortunately, the model decided to seek out help for dealing with online harassment. For Baldwin, she, at least, has her husband, family, friends and therapy to lean on for support during those dark moments.

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