How The Mandalorian Helped WWE's Sasha Banks Become A Better Wrestler, According To Stephanie McMahon

Sasha Banks in The Mandalorian Disney+

The Mandalorian Season 2 featured Din Djarin coming face to face with Mandalorians outside his coven, who didn't subscribe to "The Way" he preached through Season 1. While he rejected their way of thinking in their first appearance, it appeared by the end of Season 2 that he was warming up to some of the practices he felt were taboo. Fans certainly warmed up to the new Mandalorian team, led by Katee Sackoff as Bo-Katan Kryze and Sasha Banks as Koska Reeves.

We don't know if or when we'll see Sasha Banks' character again, but there's one person in the WWE grateful the wrestler got the opportunity that she did. WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon spoke to The Wrap about Sasha Banks' role in The Mandalorian and shared how she thought the experience made her a better wrestler.

Sasha’s star only continues to rise. I think that experience for her gave her a different set of confidence that maybe she didn’t have before.

Sasha Banks' newfound confidence will only help her in the WWE, which is loaded with a substantial number of talented women superstars in a way the brand hasn't been in past generations. Banks is included in that group, though she has had to compete for popularity as one of the top wrestlers of the women's division, with competitors like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair often in the limelight. Perhaps her guest spot in The Mandalorian will continue to help her WWE career and help her edge out competitors looking to score more title shots?

It's certainly possible as Stephanie McMahon hinted that the six-year veteran of the organization's best days are still ahead of her. McMahon continued to compliment all that Sasha Banks brings to the WWE, and what all she loves about the wrestler in general.

Sasha is one of our biggest stars with some of the best charisma and potential. And on top of her athleticism and her storytelling abilities, she just shines. When she walks out, you pay attention. I love her attitude and just everything about her. So I think Sasha is really just getting started.

Wrestling is one thing, but obviously, people want to know whether or not Sasha Banks will appear again in The Mandalorian. Unfortunately, Banks is unlikely to share any secrets regarding her character, and even if she did, she's proven to be an unreliable source when it comes to these things. The wrestler confessed she deliberately misled fans following her first appearance in the show, knowing she would be back for the season finale. It's a relatively harmless little white lie in hindsight, though I'm not sure any fan will trust her in the future if she says she's not returning regardless of whether or not it's true.

Check out Sasha Banks in Season 2 of The Mandalorian only on Disney+. CinemaBlend will keep an ear out for what's going on with The Mandalorian and what role Banks may have, if any, in the franchise in the future.

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