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How Big Sky Needs To Handle Ronald After The Surprise Winter Premiere Reveal


Spoilers ahead for the winter premiere of Big Sky on ABC, called "The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood."

Big Sky has finally returned to ABC after leaving fans hanging for more than a month about the fall finale twist of Cassie shooting Legarski in the head and seemingly killing him. Well, "The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood" wasted no time in proving that any fans who had been speculating about new episodes based on Legarski's death were going to have to adjust their expectations. Legarski isn't dead after all, and that could be a very big deal for Ronald.

Legarski really is the consummate survivor, apparently, because he survived being shot in the head by Cassie without a whole lot of distance between them, and the bullet was still in his head. Legarski surviving is good news for anybody who wants to potentially get answers about why he did what he did, but very bad news for Ronald in the event that Legarski is able to spill some secrets.

Based on Legarski's surprise survival and Ronald already beginning to unravel under the threat of being identified, I think there's only one good way for Big Sky to handle the situation: by not letting Legarski drop any details.

I'm certainly not an expert on the human brain, but I think it would definitely be a stretch for Legarski to wake up and immediately start coherently spouting off secrets to try and take Ronald down with him. Besides, there is some karma in the idea of Legarski suffering from the effects of being shot in the head after what he did to Cody.

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The realistic twist would be for Legarski to at the very least be in for a recovery period, if recovery is even possible. His survival is enough to further unhinge Ronald; he doesn't need to make a miraculous and fast recovery. His eyes popping open at the end doesn't mean that he's back to himself, and the trailer for the next episode reveals that he's not back to his fighting weight.

By letting Ronald know that Legarski is alive but possibly not letting word get out that Legarski isn't able to talk, Big Sky can take advantage of Ronald believing that Legarski is going to rat him out without delivering what seems like an incredibly unrealistic twist of Legarski recovering enough to talk.

Big Sky doesn't need Legarski up and about for the threat of Legarski to take Ronald past the point of no return with nobody left to talk him down. We don't need a soap opera-esque twist of Legarski waking from a coma to blow everything up with his stash of secrets before the first season is even half over, right?

We do know that Big Sky is bringing in some new villains now that the first season is seemingly moving on, since Legarski is no longer a physical threat, and I'm not sure that Ronald has it in him to successfully evade capture for long on his own. That's not to say that he couldn't do a lot of damage before everything falls apart, however, and I'm already concerned for Jerrie all over again.

Now that Big Sky is back, at least we can count on answers on a weekly basis with new episodes on ABC Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET, even if the show raises plenty of questions in the process. Jenny and Cassie now know that Cody is dead and are poised to finish this case together; I'd be surprised if they won't discover a solid partnership for the long run despite their very rocky beginning.

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