Yellowstone's Jennifer Landon Is Heading To CBS' FBI: Most Wanted, But Does It Mean Bad News For Teeter?

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Yellowstone Season 3 ended on a wild note for Jennifer Landon's Teeter, who was a real wild card when she joined the ranch at the beginning of the season. She and Denim Richards' Colby were brutally attacked by some enemies of Kevin Costner's John Dutton, which inspired her to double-down on her loyalty to Cole Hauser's Rip and her fellow ranch hands. But should fans be worried about Teeter once more now that Landon has landed a new gig on CBS?

Jennifer Landon has joined the cast of CBS spinoff FBI: Most Wanted for the back portion of Season 2, according to Deadline. As everyone knows, when a TV actor land new roles on different shows and networks, it sometimes means their character's doom is imminent on the initial project. And while we're still not sure yet if that's the case for Teeter, there are a few factors that have me optimistic for the character's future.

For one thing, Jennifer Landon's role on FBI: Most Wanted is in a recurring capacity, meaning she'll be in fewer episodes than the drama's series regulars, and won't be needed around to film quite as much. (Landon will be portraying the character Sarah Allen, a riding instructor for Yaya Gosselin's Tali.) That could change as time goes on, of course, depending on the character's arc, but let's just keep the nearest of futures in our sights.

The second sign of good news is that Yellowstone reportedly finished filming Season 4 a few months ago in its new Montana locations. While we can't say for sure whether Jennifer Landon just got cast in FBI's spinoff, or if they're only revealing it now, it's still likely that Teeter's Season 4 storyline was crafted independently of whatever the actress' next TV gig would be. Does that mean she's definitely surviving Season 4? Not a bit. Landon might have gone out and found a new show to work on specifically because her character gets killed off or exits in a less violet way.

Another reason to hope for Teeter's ongoing survival is how her character's story wrapped up in Season 3, which fans can stream on Peacock. While characters like John and Beth were left with their survival on the line, Teeter was shown to have come out of her skinny-dipping attack with an even stronger kinship among her ranch cohorts. (Murdering ol' Wade certainly helped seal that deal as well.) Seeing as how she chose to bear the mark of the Yellowstone brand, the character definitely set up a permanent tether between Colby and the others. But this is a show that has become increasingly deadly with each season, and at least one cast member is calling Season 4 the craziest one yet.

So is anyone really permanently tethered in Yellowstone? Probably not. Except for Beth and Rip, hopefully. Aw, hell, and damned near everybody else. Except for Josh Holloway's Roarke. He can die later on, after causing some more trouble.

So let's all applaud any show that gives soap opera vet Jennifer Landon more screen time, while also keeping our fingers crossed that Teeter will continue to not take anyone's shit for several more Yellowstone seasons to come.

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