5 Things To Know About Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Looks like Disney+ isn’t the only channel getting Marvel/Disney content, since Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will also be making an appearance on the Disney Channel in their own show. For those who don’t know, Moon Girl (but not Devil Dinosaur, though I’ll get to that later) was created in 2015 by writers Brandon Montlare and Amy Reeder (who has also worked on the comic, Batwoman) and artist, Natacha Bustos. Moon Girl is unique in that she doesn’t really have any super powers…unless you count a mental connection to a giant red dinosaur.

That’s right! Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are pretty much a pair, and it will be interesting to see what this new cartoon, which is actually being co-produced by Laurence Fishburne of all people, will be like. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is an interesting comic book series, and there are quite a few things that you should know about it. Which is why I’m here, of course. Consider this a crash course in everything Lunella Lafayette!

Moon Girl

Moon Girl Is 9 And Possibly The Smartest Character In The Entire Marvel Universe

Quick question, hot shot. Who’s the smartest character in the entire Marvel Universe? Tony Stark? He’s definitely up there, but nope. Bruce Banner? That’s a pretty good guess, but wrong again. Reed Richards from The Fantastic Four? Well, he’s a total brainiac to be sure, but that’s wrong, too. Give up? Well, the answer is Lunella Lafayette, of course, better known to fans as Moon Girl!

How do I know this? Well, because she’s the only person to EVER solve the Banner Brain Omnicompetence Examiner, which was a device Bruce Banner created to test intelligence that even he couldn’t solve! I mean, this is some deep comic lore stuff, y’all. Plus, Amadeus Cho, who’s quite the cerebral heavyweight himself, says she’s the smartest person in the world. So, yeah. You could say she knows a thing or two. Especially about the Kree, which she's an expert in.

The Inhumans

Moon Girl Is Also An Inhuman (Remember them?)

Moon Girl is not a mutant. She’s an Inhuman. Sort of. You see, Lunella has an Inhuman gene, which she found within herself and is terrified of. She’s certain that the Inhuman gene will eventually transform her into a monster because of a Terrigen Mist that is encircling the planet. And, in an effort to stop the Inhuman gene from spreading within her, she accidentally opens up a portal to a Dinosaur World. Are you getting all this?

As mentioned earlier, Lunella is super smart (She’s actually called Moon Girl by her classmates because they think she’s spacy), and when she found Devil Dinosaur in the Dinosaur World, she wasn’t really even scared of him. That’s because her Inhuman gene gave her a telepathic connection with the big red dino, ultimately making him her friend. Again, did you get all that? Good, because I don’t know how to make any of that any clearer to you.

Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy riding him

Moon Girl Replaced A Character Named Moon-Boy To Become Devil Dinosaur's Best Friend

Okay, so Moon-Boy was actually a character who was created alongside Devil Dinosaur back in the '70s. He resembles a monkey and he used to be sort of a sidekick to Devil Dinosaur back in the day. He belonged to a group called The Small Folk, and often contended against a group called The Killer-Folk. Honestly, he’s super forgettable, and it’s okay if you don’t know who the heck I’m even talking about, because again, Devil Dinosaur was the main attraction, and Moon-Boy was more of a side character.

Not so with Moon Girl, though. Interestingly, when Moon Girl was created, the writers really liked the concept of Devil Dinosaur and decided to keep the Moon-Boy mythos. So, when Moon Girl ends up in Dinosaur World, which you can read about in the graphic novel, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol 1: BFF, it also includes Moon-Boy. He gets killed by The Killer-Folk, and The Killer-Folk in turn slip into our world. So, in that way, Moon Girl is replacing Moon-Boy. It’s not a bad switch, since Moon-Boy was pretty forgettable, and Moon Girl is anything but.

Devil Dinosaur comic

Moon Girl Was Created In 2015 While Devil Dinosaur Goes All The Way Back To 1978

I actually remember hearing about Devil Dinosaur, who was created by Jack Kirby, a while ago. It was a really strange curiosity, as it was a big red ferocious dinosaur with his own comic. I heard about him because he once fought Godzilla, and if anybody knows me, they know that I love me some Godzilla.

And, believe it or not, Devil Dinosaur was mostly only created to get back at DC for a character Kirby created for them named Kamandi. Kamandi was a sort of wild boy who existed in a post-Apocalyptic world and fought against intelligent savage animals. Marvel, not to be outdone, told Kirby to create a character similar to Kamandi (that would be Moon-Boy), but also to add a dinosaur since dinosaurs are always cool and popular, even back in 1978. Thus, a star was born. Never tell me I don’t teach you anything.

Moon Girl

Moon Girl Is Pretty Fierce On Her Own Even Without Devil Dinosaur

Lastly, Moon Girl may be a weakling without her beloved big red dino, but she’s still no pushover. Since people always made fun of Lunella, after a while she decided to just embrace the “weird” side of herself. She’s extremely nearsighted, so she’s legally blind, but she’s also a skilled inventor, and even has a battle suit that kind of makes her like Inspector Gadget with her inventions.

She has a utility belt like Batman, super roller skates, and boxing gloves that spring out and can knock somebody out. Her secret lab is in her school’s basement, and she can handle her own if she ever gets into a tight spot. And, yeah, having a mental connection to a dinosaur doesn’t hurt, either.

So, that’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur in a nutshell. They’re a really cool duo and I’m looking forward to seeing them on the small screen. But what do you think? Are you a fan of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur? Sound off in the poll or the comments section down below.

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