New WandaVision Footage Suggests Wanda Will Get An Unexpected Ally When Defending Westview

The following will dive into mild spoilers for WandaVision, both what has happened, and what might happen in the future. If you want to remain unspoiled on all things WandaVision, back out now.

Up to this point, meaning Episode Five of WandaVision, we’ve been led to believe that the sitcom town of Westview is a construct of Wanda Maximoff’s (Elizabeth Olsen) mind. Distraught over the death of her one true love, Wanda has created a world in which she and Vision (Paul Bettany) can live out the life that Thanos (Josh Brolin) took from her. But there have been indications that Vision won’t be “down” with Wanda’s grand plan once he wakes up to the reality in which they now live.

At the conclusion of Episode Five of WandaVision, titled “On a Very Special Episode,” Wanda and Vision nearly came to super-powered blows because Vision was starting to see through his wife’s ruse. Earlier in the episode, Vision broke Norm (Asif Ali) free from the simulation, and the man was panicked because Wanda took him away from his reality. “You don’t get to make that choice for me, Wanda,” Vision bellowed when he tried to ask Wanda questions about what lies outside of Westview. “Oh Wanda. What you’re doing here. It’s wrong. It is wrong!”

That’s how Vision felt then. New footage that dropped as part of a Mid-Season Featurette, though, proves that Vision will feel differently in the near future.

In a confrontation we have yet to see, but based on the wardrobe seems to come from the Modern Family riff for WandaVision, Wanda again says to Vision that Westview is their new home. She told him this in Episode Two of the show, but in that moment, we just took it as the house that they were occupying in the suburbs. Now we know that it’s the Hex (there you go, Darcy) that Wanda is referring to. And instead of telling Wanda that what she is doing is wrong, Vision tells Wanda:

Then let’s fight for it.

That’s a drastic turn. What prompted it? I have a few thoughts, and they are quite spoilery, so if you somehow made it this far, but still don’t want to speculate too far ahead in WandaVision, turn and run now.

Vision played by Paul Bettany

Still here? OK. I’m not entirely convinced that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is fully in control of Westview. I don’t think she’s the driving force behind the Hex, and I’m fairly confident she is being manipulated by a larger force, probably the MCU’s version of Mephisto. Near the end of Episode Five, Vision asks Wanda why there are no other children besides Tommy and Billy in Westview. And Wanda lets him inside the simulation a bit, saying:

Do you really think that I am controlling everything? That I am somehow in charge of everybody in Westview?

Well, I did… until you said it that way. Now I’m starting to lean toward a new theory. What if Wanda made a deal with “the devil” (Mephisto, in Marvel speak) following the events of Avengers: Endgame? What if she agreed to do something for Mephisto, so long as she was able to create a world where she and Vision could live happily ever after? What could Wanda give the Devil in return?

I think it has something to do with Wanda’s children.

Wanda can’t control her twins. When she tries to use her spells to put them to sleep, they keep crying. When she tells them they can’t have a dog until they are older, they age up. When Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) shows the twins their dead dog, she’s keeping a close eye on Wanda to see if resurrection is within her power limit… as if it were a test. I think Agnes and the Twins are a big component to who is “doing this” to Wanda. And once Vision realizes that Wanda is being manipulated, he will side with her to keep Westview in their control.

This could all change with the next episode of WandaVision, which drops on Friday, February 12. You know we will have full analysis of the episode, and all that it means for the MCU going forward, so we’ll see you back here after all of us have watched.

Sean O'Connell
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