One Of The Duggars Is Even On TikTok Now, And The Times They Are A-Changin'

Jinger Duggar on TikTok

The Duggar clan has been making a bigger and bigger splash on social media lately as they’ve shared lives and projects on varying platforms and services from Instagram to YouTube. Yet, there was one social media platform they hadn’t conquered until recently, when Jinger Duggar stepped her foot into the TikTok waters and found them to be quite delightfully warm.

Yes, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, the same quirky Duggar sister who lives in Los Angeles and wore pants before many of her sisters also decided to drop their knee-length skirts (on occasion of course). Now, she’s added a public page on TikTok, sharing her very first video with fans.

So far there’s only one makeup-based tutorial on her page. It’s garnered a few thousand views and landed her 14.3K followers on the platform at the time of this writing. Obviously, that’s small potatoes compared to her Instagram account, which has over 1.5 million followers. In fact, it was Instagram Stories where Jinger Vuolo first announced she was heading to TikTok, noting she was “excited” to be joining the new platform.


It can take some time to amass a following, but Jinger Duggar Vuolo is also a mom and I’d be willing to wager her fanbase is more readily embedded in Instagram than TikTok, which has built a reputation for being a Gen Z platform. Millennials meanwhile, are still enjoying their Instagram accounts, skinny jeans and side parts.

As for the Duggar clan, it’s unclear if more of the famous siblings could join TikTok. Jessa Duggar Seewald, her husband Ben and their kids have embraced YouTube, as has her sister Jill and her husband Derick Dillard, who have used to the platform to answer questions about familial drama. It may also be worth pointing out that Duggar cousin Amy King has been on TikTok for a while.

Then there’s Instagram, where a lot of the Duggars share fashion, family and home lifestyle shots and tips. OG Duggars Jim Bob and Michelle are even on Instagram, but so are a lot of the girls, including but not limited to Jinger, Jessa, Jana and many more partners, siblings and spouses. As some of the siblings have left TLC’s Counting On at this point, social media is usually the better place to go to see what all the spouses and kids are up to in their big family.

While Jessa Duggar Seewald, for example, commands over 2.2 million Instagram followers, it’s hard telling what success the Duggars would have if they switched to TikTok or put serious effort into both platforms. Though if Anthony Hopkins dancing can go viral on the platform along with cranberry juice Fleetwood Mac guy, there's hope for anyone.

Jessica Rawden
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