Why American Horror Story Season 10 Feels Like Season 1's Murder House

Lily Rabe

As American Horror Story is prepping to enter its tenth season, many fans wonder just how the season will be different from the others, as each one is a chapter in a complicated anthology series. Several actors have appeared in multiple seasons, and according to one star, the new season will feel like the one that started it all, Murder House, just because of the people who will be part of it.

Lily Rabe, who has appeared in eight of the nine seasons of American Horror Story that have aired so far, spoke to Forbes about her new drama series, Tell Me Your Secrets, and even dished about the upcoming season of AHS. Rabe praised the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, who is also known for creating shows such as Glee, Scream Queens, 9-1-1, Ratched and Hollywood, as well as recent Netflix movie The Prom, saying that there’s a reason people love working with him. Although the season will still be different, Rabe says that it has the same energy that Season 1 did. Rabe explained:

Ryan Murphy, AHS’s creator, is one of the greatest people to work for. There’s a reason that those who work for him continue to work for him. I can’t believe this is Season 10. I think the fact we get to have so many of the same people returning this season, there is this feeling of coming home. You get to tell a new story, play a new part, but the backbone of the thing is solid. It is wonderful getting into the sandbox again and have Ryan at the helm. I’m excited about this season, and I’m not alone in that. You can feel the energy on set. It’s just like it felt on Season 1.

Ryan Murphy has said that some members from the first three seasons will be returning for the tenth season and with some of the cast being revealed last year, he has kept his promise. Although Kathy Bates has since resigned from the season, Lily Rabe will be joined by fellow AHS vets Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Angelica Ross and Finn Wittrock! Home Alone alum Macaulay Culkin will also join the cast as a first-timer American Horror Story actor.

American Horror Story Season 10 was originally supposed to premiere on FX sometime last fall. However, in May of last year, it was announced the season would be pushed back to 2021 due to production being stalled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. AHS was certainly not the only show with production impacted by the pandemic, but that doesn't mean fans will go without new episodes indefinitely. Filming resumed last October and is now expected to premiere sometime later this year. The series was also renewed through Season 13 at the beginning of last year.

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