When American Horror Story Is Finally Getting Back To Work, According To Ryan Murphy

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Slowly but surely, the television industry is starting to get back up and running. American Horror Story is one of the latest shows readying to begin filming on its new season. FX’s anthology staple is gearing up for Season 10, and its creator, Ryan Murphy, has revealed when the show is finally getting back to work.

Fans have been anxiously anticipating American Horror Story’s comeback, which will also mark the franchise return of franchise veteran Sarah Paulson in a significant role. Like many of its fellow shows, the coronavirus pandemic has been taken into account as it prepares Season 10. Taking to Instagram, Ryan Murphy provided an update on when filming will begin on Season 10 and teased what its theme will be. Check it out:

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American Horror Story is set to launch production in October and, as Ryan Murphy points out, the timing could not be more appropriate. It is horror’s month to “shine,” as Halloween comes at the very end. So what does that mean for when Season 10 will actually air? Stay tuned. For now though, it's time to tackle the second clue in Murphy’s post.

Ryan Murphy says that the picture of razor-sharp teeth is a clue. It's not the first one that Murphy has provided, as he previously shared an image of a pair of hands that were seemingly holding onto the side of a cliff. Murphy captioned the American Horror Story photo by saying, “Things are beginning to wash up on shore…”

It is tough to tell what the teeth and the body coming onto shore mean. I took a screenshot of Ryan Murphy’s post and did a reverse Google image search, which revealed some intriguing results. One of the Google results was the website for Dental Distortions Inc., and it showcased a pair of FX fangs that got made for the character of Pennywise from It. Is Pennywise coming to American Horror Story? I doubt it, but wouldn't it be cool?

Home Alone’s Macauley Culkin will undoubtedly be seen during Season 10, as American Horror Story announced that Culkin and a slew of others would be part of the upcoming installment. There has also been a tease that one of the characters from the Murder House season could also be back (emphasis on could). Rubber Man may or may not be around for the tenth season.

Once things get up and running in October, separating fact from rumor may get easier. American Horror Story is coming off of a successfully received season. CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable called it is his “favorite” season “in years.” With this, expectations could be high for Season 10, especially as Sarah Paulson returns to the fold.

Past seasons of American Horror Story are streaming on Netflix along with newly arriving 2020 content. While you wait for American Horror Story’s next season to come, check out what is arriving on this fall’s schedule.

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