Looks Like American Horror Story Season 10 Is Bringing A Murder House Character Back

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After nine seasons of American Horror Story, it's remains a fun guessing game in speculating what each follow-up season will be about, and what past AHS elements will be involved. Thankfully, co-creator Ryan Murphy likes to stoke such heated conjecture with teasy imagery, and he seems to be showing viewers that Season 10 will feature a spooky callback to Season 1's Murder House.

Taking to Instagram a few days after promoting the Netflix documentary Circus of Books that he executive produced, Ryan Murphy shared an image of a very familiar face to American Horror Story fans. No, not the returning star Sarah Paulson, but rather a very familiar lack of a face that sorta reflects others' faces back at them. I'm talking about Rubber Man!

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Before getting too enthused about Ryan Murphy's Murder House throwback imagery, let's just throw the caveat out there that the social media post might not be a sure sign that Season 1's Rubber Man will be returning for Season 10. However, if it walks like a Rubber Duck, and quacks like a Rubber Duck, it's probably a Rubber Duck. Possibly with Evan Peters' ghastly murderer/rapist/misbegotten teen duck Tate hidden inside the suit.

Clearly, with only the caption "Coming soon..." to work with, American Horror Story fans can mainly just hypothesize the obvious, that Season 10 will find a way to incorporate Rubber Man into some kind of callback festivities. But which Rubber Man will audiences get to see in AHS' future?

Back in Season 1, Tate donned the rubber BDSM suit that Zachary Quinto's Chad bought to spice up his sex life with his partner Patrick (Teddy Sears), and killed both of them. He later used it when impregnating and haunting Connie Britton's Vivien Harmon and when knocking out Dylan McDermott's Ben Harmon, among other times. At the end of the same season, Ben became Rubber Man in order to freak out the Ramos family that had just moved into Murder House,

Rubber Man returned in Season 8's Apocalypse, when Cody Fern's Michael Langdon was staying at Murder House. He and Ben Harmon are a total father-and-son pair, and Michael takes the Rubber Man-tle, as it were, by wearing the suit and murdering whatever family had moved in next. Dare we hope to see ALL THREE VERSIONS in Season 10?

As confirmed earlier this year, American Horror Story's Season 10 cast will welcome back Evan Peters, so that's at least one candidate for the job. Other AHS veterans joining Peters will be Kathy Bates, Adina Porter, Angelica Ross, Lily Rabe, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, and Finn Wittrock. The newcomer this time around will be Macauley Culkin, so you know he's going on the list of potential Rubber Man portrayers.

American Horror Story Season 10 doesn't have a release date set just yet, but as soon as Ryan Murphy is able to give fans a hint of when that might happen, you can bet it'll spread far and wide. And that CinemaBlend will be screaming about it, though it might be muffled from the latex mask and all. While waiting for more news, check out all the TV premieres confirmed for Summer 2020.

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