Eric Andre Announces He's On OnlyFans, But How Much Ranch Will Be Involved?

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Over a year when folks were forced to get creative while staying at home, OnlyFans really propelled itself into the mainstream. The site that started as a way for people to share the most "intimate" details of their life to those willing to pay the price had a real rise in popularity, to the point that even celebrities are getting involved. The latest of which is Adult Swim's Eric Andre, who I can only assume will be showcasing at least a little ranch on the platform.

Eric Andre has gotten naked on The Eric Andre Show on a semi-regular basis, so perhaps it should come as no surprise he's teasing to do the same on OnlyFans. Take a look at the intro video he shared with fans to his Instagram below, and click on the second picture to see a thumbnail of the much racier and NSFW picture that was ultimately removed for violating community guidelines.

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For those that weren't brave enough for the second picture, it was Eric Andre sprawled out on a bed with his back to the camera, completely naked. There was an emoji placed to block out the bits that may get him banned from Instagram, but a peach emoji alone isn't enough cover to leave much to the imagination.

While Eric Andre claims he needs the money for OnlyFans, his page does feature just about the best bargain one can find on the platform. Fans of The Eric Andre Show can subscribe for free (though you will have to attach a debit or credit card to your OnlyFans account), and if you have specific requests in mind, the star notes in his bio he'll do anything for $5. That's a common joke people make that they don't really mean, but with Eric Andre, it's always hard to tell what's a joke and what's not.

The move to OnlyFans is likely not one out of desperation, but a move by Eric Andre as he prepares for his movie Bad Trip to arrive on Netflix on March 26. He also recently completed Season 5 of The Eric Andre Show at Adult Swim, which was the first season for the series in over four years. Now may be the best time for him to get on OnlyFans and make some side money, as well as get some attention from fans eager to see more of his antics. A lot of celebrities both minor and major have managed to find a following on OnlyFans, so it's hard to argue it's not a good idea regardless of his reasons for joining.

The Eric Andre Show is out of season but airs on Adult Swim weeknights at 12:30 a.m. and 12:45 a.m. For more on Eric Andre, read up on an interview I did with him and how he feels about the wild interviews he does with other celebrities.

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