Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy: Premiere Date, Cast And 6 Other Quick Things We Know

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Believe it or not, Jupiter is nearer than you think. Or, rather, to be more specific, Jupiter's Legacy, the upcoming superhero drama streaming series based on the graphic novels by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, is a bit closer than you might think. We have about two months before this decades-spanning superhero saga debuts on Netflix, but we do know some key details about this much-anticipated show. Here's what we know (so far) about Jupiter's Legacy, which comes from creator Steven S. DeKnight (Daredevil).

Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy Premieres On Netflix On May 7

We won't have long to wait to see what Jupiter's Legacy has in store. The first 8-episode season is scheduled to premiere on May 7, 2021, which would be the start of a traditional summer blockbuster season. That release date doesn't seem incidental for that reason. Jupiter's Legacy is slated to be one of Netflix's most high-profile projects this year, which is saying something. The service is definitely looking to drive-up interest and attention for this expensive new program, as we'll discuss in more detail a little bit later.

Leslie Bibb, Josh Duhamel - Jupiter's Legacy

The Jupiter’s Legacy Cast Includes Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, And More

When it comes to the cast of Jupiter's Legacy, Netflix assembled a recognizable pair of stars for our lead generation-spanning superheroes. Specifically, Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb will reunite to play Sheldon Sampson, i.e. The Utopian, and Grace Sampson. The former is the leader of the superhero team, The Union, while the latter is considered one of the world's strongest superheroes. Also rounding out the ensemble are Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson, Sheldon's older brother, Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson, Grace and Sheldon's daughter, Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson, Grace and Sheldon's son, Mike Wade as Fitz Small, a valued member of The Union, and Matt Lanter as George Hutchene, Sheldon's closest ally. Additionally, Tenika Davis, Anna Akana, Tyler Mane, and Chase Tang will play either recurring roles or guest stars.

Jupiter's Legacy Graphic Novel

Jupiter’s Legacy Is Based On A 10-Issue Graphic Novel Series From Mark Millar And Frank Quitely

Mark Millar shouldn't be a stranger to movie lovers and/or comic book aficionados. The graphic novelist is known for creating the source material for popular adaptations like Captain America: Civil War, Wanted, Logan, the Kick-Ass movies, and the Kingsman franchise. Additionally, away from the big screen, he wrote the Ultimates, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Superior, The Authority, and Superman: Red Son. Recently, Millar joined forces with Netflix, and Jupiter's Legacy, based on his 10-issue graphic novel series with Frank Quitely, is one of their first collaborations.

Certainly, Jupiter's Legacy will be a big undertaking, as it is the longest-running graphic novel series under Mark Millar's pen. But hopefully, the author's creative involvement will assure that this new show will reach the same quality as his past film adaptations.

Andrew Horton - Jupiter's Legacy

Jupiter's Legacy Is A Decades-Spanning Superhero Drama Navigating The Complex Dynamics Of Power, Family, And Loyalty Of The World’s First Superheroes

Even by superhero standards, Jupiter's Legacy has lofty ambitions. As it was reported in their official press release, Jupiter's Legacy will chronicle a decades-spanning story that follows the world's first superheroes and how they navigate through "the complex dynamics of power, family, and loyalty." Notably, "after nearly a century of keeping mankind safe," the first superhero family "must look to their children to continue the legacy." But it won't be easy when the superpowered children don't exactly live up to the high standards and demanding expectations of their parents, causing a lot of tension.

Sounds like an interesting mix of The Incredibles, Sky High, Watchmen, and Amazon Prime's The Boys. Narratively, Jupiter's Legacy sounds more expansive than any other superhero show in recent memory — especially in live-action. Color us intrigued!

Chase Lang - Time, Space & Lee

Chase Tang Claims His Role Will Be ‘Something We Haven’t Seen Before’

While we don't know a lot about Chase Tang's role as Supervillain Baryon, we do know that this supporting performance was very meaningful to the actor, and it's one that he believes could be very influential in the years to come. During his appearance on Climate Change with Scott Amyx, Tang discussed the impact of playing an Asian character — specifically an Asian villain — in this hotly-anticipated new streaming series, and how his role in this show could open the door for more Asian representation in the industry, especially in other superhero movies and shows. Likewise, the actor claims there are a lot of surprises in store, which we'll have to discover for ourselves when Jupiter's Legacy premieres on May 7th. Here's what Tang said on this podcast:

My role is very interesting, I think, because in that superhero realm, it's a new way to have Asians involved. My character is specifically Asian, and I think, in that capacity, it's something very different and I think the audience will definitely be in for a surprise, for sure. Because I think it's something we've yet to see before. And I think it will change a lot of perception in terms of what maybe people may view as an Asian, I guess. An Asian villain — if you want to call it that — in a superhero TV show capacity.

Charlie Cox - Daredevil

Jupiter’s Legacy Was Created By Daredevil’s Steven S. DeKnight (Though He Left The Series Over Creative Differences)

Jupiter's Legacy certainly isn't Netflix's first superhero show. Prior to this series, the streaming service hosted a number of Marvel-based shows, including Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and Daredevil. For the latter, Steven S. DeKnight was the showrunner for the first season, and he served as the creator and main creative influence on Jupiter's Legacy... until he called it quits. Leaving over some reported (but unspecified) "creative differences," as Deadline noted, DeKnight did have a hand in this program but don't expect him to stick around for future seasons. He was later replaced by Sang Kyu Kim. Nevertheless, DeKnight wrote both the pilot and the season finale.

Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb - Jupiter's Legacy

Netflix Dropped A Mysterious Teaser For Jupiter’s Legacy In Late February

We haven't gotten a good glimpse at Netflix's hotly anticipated new superhero series just yet, but we've been properly teased for Jupiter's Legacy. In late February, in an effort to drum up its blockbuster-friendly early May release, Netflix dropped the first mysterious teaser trailer, which features a gravely-voiced Josh Duhamel (presumably) providing voice-only narration over symbols, capes, and corridors that will likely only be familiar to those who read the graphic novel series. Of course, some of the imagery is evocative of other well-known superhero properties, but it's clear that Jupiter's Legacy is attempting to establish, well, a legacy of its own. To some unseen superperson, Duhamel claims they'll one day be "stronger than anyone else in the world," and "every evil in the world is gonna rise up against mankind." 

With a lingering threat of "vengeance," this trailer promises that this kin will soon be "the future," thus ushering in a new era of heroes for this superpowered world in this intriguing introduction.

Check out the teaser below:

Josh Duhammel - Jupiter's Legacy

We Got Our First Look Of The Actors In Character In Early March

In addition to this enticing teaser, Netflix dropped a first look video in early March, which features some colorful stills of our larger-than-life superhero characters. This video provides our first official looks at the characters played by Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb, along with some other notable personalities to boot. Once again, this teaser appears to be directed more at the fans of the comic book property than newcomers. The images of these drawn characters coming to life on-screen might not mean as much if you're unfamiliar with their hand-drawn origins. Nevertheless, it does give us an early glimpse at the show's visual style, costuming, and world-building, showcasing the generations of superheroes that we'll meet throughout this decade-spanning saga. Obviously, we're only getting a few brief peeks at this upcoming show, but Netflix is definitely doing all they can to drive interest towards their latest superhero series.

You can check out this first look video below.

Expectations are certainly sky-high, but we'll have to wait to see if this is Netflix's answer to The Boys. As noted, Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 will premiere on May 7th. You can set a reminder for Jupiter's Legacy on Netflix's site.

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